Re:platform podcast interview invitation

Invitation for an interview on the Re:platform podcast for Dan’s consideration.

Sponsored by Klevu (a search solution for ecommerce sites), the Re:platform podcast is dedicated to ecommerce replatforming (i.e. the pros and cons for vendors of using different ecommerce platforms) and site optimization.

James Gurd, who extended the invitation, is an ecommerce consultant focused on replatforming and ecommerce strategy (16+ years experience). His co-host, Paul Rogers runs an ecommerce consulting and paid media agency.

Small, but reasonable reach: James has 8k twitter followes, Paul has 4k. James also runs EcomChat with Dan Barker, who has 30k followers. The actual re:platforming podcast has under 100 followers on Twitter (yikes), but it seems like it’d possibly be a good option for a platform to start discussing why people should use crypto over the existing solutions.

No hard feelings if you shoot this down. Just wanted to bring it to your attention in case you were interested.


Dan liked James’s last tweet, so I am hopeful this can happen when both sides can find the time. Thanks for facilitating this, Kiyoshi.