Realistic expectations of Safex ROI? (10x, 50x, 100x, more?)

Between now and summer of 2020, wondering what people’s expectations are for Safex value? Would you say value will be 50x, 100x current value, or would you say less or more?

Started accumulating in Safex less than a month ago and plan to hold my 10 million shares for several years to become wealthy…am I dreaming or is there a good chance at this turning into reality?


I would say 100x is realistic, but i’m hoping for even more. If we are right you gonna have shit ton of money

Please not another one of these fishing threads…

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It’s not a fishing thread Mr.J. Real investor here wanting to hear honest thoughts about investment future.

I assure you that if you had spent more than 30 minutes on the forums. You would know that it’s been discussed in multiple threads. This is not something that will be ready anytime soon. No-one has a crystal ball which is essentially what your asking. Also not a single investor I know would ever discuss his holding amounts so openly unless of course he’s looking for attention. As well as anyone who is even remotely serious about long term holding and active participation in the development of the product doesn’t care about how long it takes to hit your (x) markers posted. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. So yes, this is obviously fishing for speculation on an unfinished product going to a market possibly years from now. What kind of answer do you expect? Better yet, what does random speculation bring to the value you see in Safex? Cause it should bring nothing. Don’t you think? The value should be made from the idea and team supporting that idea until a tangible product is created and then reevaluate.


The speculation doesn’t bring any value to Safex, although its kinda fun to speculate while waiting for months.

It will be longer than a few months until the marketplace is built. That’s the equivalent of watching the clock every minute while your at work. Patience is one of the most rewarding things in this space. Value can not be calculated by anything other than vision at this point. With that vision being like nothing ever before. Dan is taking the opposite approach to when bitcoin was built. He is laying out the segway for people who have never owned a single bitcoin. This system will essentially be focused on educating the public in the transitioning from fiat to crypto. There is no possible way to calculate that value.

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