Recover Safex wallet

Hi guys,
I’m trying to recover my safex wallet. I did the migration back in 2019, but kinda lost my keys to the new wallet, as I never used it. Is there any way to recover the safex wallet? I have my old wallet.dat (0.0.8 wallet) and the password for it. I can see my SFT and SFC in there on the migration tab. So I can also read the new safex5 address. But I can not load that wallet.dat in the new wallet. Is there any option?

You can’t simply load the old v8 migration wallet file, as it was for the old blockchain, not the Safex blockchain.

However, it has been mentioned that if you still have the old wallet files, the new wallet will be able to find the relevant new blockchain keys from the old wallet files.

I haven’t seen this done in practice yet, as the new TWM wallet hasn’t been released for Mainnet yet, but expected very soon.

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Also, did you do a thorough search on your PC for the .txt file created when you started the migration process?

That would be amazing, I hope you can really load the old files into the new wallet. I have been searching the last two days everything on my PC. Even tried it with recovery programs to find deleted files.

Putting my hope into the new wallet!

Thanks for your reply

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