Regular Safex Updates Coming Back

Hey Team,

Regular Safex Updates will be making a come back as I’ve spent the past two months organizing a new roadmap, including an open way for anyone to contrinbute their ideas for consideration into an upcoming whitepaper.

You can extend your support by throwing this tweet a retweet, let it be known that there is more to come from Safex.



That was something I really liked before. Good to see it’s coming back :muscle:


A major element to bringing back the weekly dev updates is the establishment of a new roadmap.

That’s majorly completed internally and we are preparing to provide it to the public soon (within the next 29 days)

I would thoroughly appreciate any feedback from the good team that has stuck around within the community. Glad there are good people who we can rely on still around.


Love to hear that. Looking forward to some updates. Hopefully will create new buzz around the project and coins


I dont think it needs to be weekly updates.
Once every 2 weeks or once a month is more than enough

Imagine you need one day to prepare/complete the update than it’s better if its 1/30 days than 1/7 days


I agree with you. Dan one update per month is perfect, no need to waste your precious time. Also anyone who wants to check the progress can do it on the Safex github Safex · GitHub


Weekly updates, even if they are short would be ideal to at least have a check in.

When I tried building the safex market company to use the open source protocol, updates became sparse, yet I always hoped to complete the activity there and pivot back into open source. Afterwards, reassessing to make new plans did take some time, and here we are.

I hope that the community will be happy participating in that, really looking forward!


Weekly Updates - that’s great news. Will you choose a specific day ?


Hey @dandabek

I would say monthly will do. Weekly is too taxing on your time… As realistically alot of planned task might be delayed due to unforeseen reasons.

It’s better on your time to provide a good monthly update then weekly updates as time is needed to write the updates out as well.

I am sure the community is very appreciative of monthly updates already. No need weekly

Sets a better expectation up too


Loving all the regular updates.

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I appreciate so much any patience, if you are eagerly awaiting for me to share the evolution I see that Safex can establish for the world.