Reopening the Safex Discord

Does anyone know when (if) the Safex Discord will reopen?

With the imminent launch of the marketplace, it might be a good idea to consider this now.

Discord has been open for many months, up until very recently, with a link on the website that was only removed earlier today.

But, it seems the vast majority of new arrivals in recent months were scammers, trolls, fudders… either from other projects looking to cause trouble, or previously banned members coming back in under a different username with the intentIon of continuing their previous behaviour.

It is impossible to adequately police such antics.

And as Dan tweeted earlier…

Discord isn’t essential.

Found the reopening ANN… a year ago…

OK, that is unfortunate. I hope you will reconsider some day. Thank you for your time.

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over the years in the crypto industry, the open chat rooms hosted by the development team etc, turned into more of a liability.

So much attention was on trying to manage expectations, mostly poaching, intense useless FUD rather than constructive contributions to the project.

After analyzing the environment the more successful projects out there did not operate a chat room, and only offshoots of marketing teams that supported the project from a different angle, and not one at attacking individuals.

And it is incessant, and it is annoying to deal with, even counter productive.

If someone wants to operate the community discord, that is up to them. But, as a core community we must focus on real strategies for PR and marketing, and not be forced into managing and being at the center of managing a chat room that literally any anonymous squirrel will join, we do not gain any content productivity and loads of FUD.

It has disheartened many people over the years, and it has also made our efforts to go directly to dealing with incessant trolling.

We have this discussion forum, and as I said. If you feel that you need a chatroom to talk in, and have something beneficial you can add the community in that way.

It is a shame that we did not utilize this forum enough over the years and focused on the chatroom.

Our project liquidity wise is literally on rock bottom (referring to exchange trading, and pricing)

I don’t see any analysis or precedent that anything will change because we keep a discord chat room open: re: other successful projects are not focused on this chatroom strategy at all, why should we be?


Keep in mind, this is not “closing the discord” if you’re already in there, you can continue to use the platform


Well said, the discord majorly bummed me out after a while. There are good people in there though


Agreed watching good people go really sucked, having the Discord was nice as other project didn’t, however with the mix of people and expectations thinking they are owed something instead of being happy supporting an idea and someone’s vision and goals believing and knowing they can do it and us as supporters saying yes you can. Then here comes the Clown needing to shoot it down because his old Lady is kickin it with the big SAFEX bag holder down the street after he sold his HaHaHa


Being a regular on both the forum and discord, I have to say I agree with this statement. Discord team/ moderators have been very helpful to so many. Early days we had great input from community members, and I would give hours reading through the comments with great interest. Lately I hardly read back on anything because it all seems like not constructive and no consistence on any topic. However, I would like to keep in touch with the community there.

The forum has always being my favorite place to talk about safex, we even get more rewards for promoting topics which leads to promoting safex, whether its TWM, mining, Sft, Sfx etc…

Hears to a new ere for the forum


I was always in dischord, not checked for a while as was abroad. But won’t let me in?..


Anyone able to send through a discord link/invite please?

Read the above post for your answer!

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You joined the discord in May 2018, and your only comment in the chat was today, where you broke the rules by looking to make an OTC trade.

You were banned for breaching the rules of Safex Discord. There are no invites back in.

I do apologise. Didn’t realise that was one of the rules. I normally just utilise it for keeping up to date as it’s the most informative.
If I knew this was the case I wouldn’t have put up the question. Family and funds takes precedence.
Unfortunate that the rules are so harsh for long time followers/supporters.

The weekly updates here on the Forum provide all relevant project information, to remain up-to-date.


Why get people immediately banned on discord only because they raise questions and see problems in actual communication. This really makes investors or better to say buyers very anxious all around.

Again I have to elaborate on Discord, there has been no activity in the last eight hours, and its not even worth looking back on discussions, but I did like the news of the Civil Action

I doubt but for sure you might be right. I cannot see the discord but in last months there has been always and daily traffic on

@Cryptobertl28 There was absolutely nothing civil about your dialogue. We have a 0 tolerance to the remaining group in discord.

You have every right to form your own group distinct from ours and you can talk all about everything you think should be done there (which you won’t even do, guaranteed). There is no obligation to entertain your negativity, hostility, and demoralization while we, a bootstrapped community, are putting together a sincere, decentralized, and secure application.

Things change in real time, it is a dynamic industry, and a lot is at stake and a lot is at play.

You should maybe, eat your own medicine, take your own advice, and maybe you should rethink your position as an “investor” at all now that you continuously show no maturity toward myself, or anyone else in the group. I can not imagine getting anywhere with “investor” with the disposition as yours. Come back when it is finished for a couple of years, like most technologies in this world, maybe success is easier without “investors” like yourself around in the early stages, demoralizing everyone, the programmers, the other community members, the public who would like to know but now can’t see if they can help there is some ranting baby in the ranks (yourself).

Note: we will not be reopening “the” discord, and we have no plans to open any new chat rooms at all, there will be no reinvites.

@Cryptobertl28 you also have this chance to show your colors off in this forum, and you will always be able to read but your posting is not a right.


Additional note: throughout the years, the Bitcoin community cleaned up tons of negativity like this, it fared very well for the Bitcoin community. Maybe I am late with things, but the plan never changes, It can only improve (with me not carrying damaging weight like this) and the attitude of those on the way out who smash me in the head while in the deep end doesn’t help. There is no way to reason with people with dispositions such as these. Everyone has their situations, and things change, but we are not your punching bag, we are not your venting channel. We are a software development community, that’s it.