Safex Community Discord

The Safex journey has been several years in the making.

Since the Safe Exchange Coin token issued in November 2015, we have stayed the course in accomplishing the task of building the world marketplace. An accomplishment of this magnitude where people for the first time have limitless connectivity for commerce does not happen overnight. The team and community have grown and all of the time spent making these tactical deployments have been well worth it in the final product.

That time is now now upon us.

As we prepare to launch The World Marketplace, we are reopening this Discord.

However, some of the behaviour and comments in this Discord are not in line with an open and inclusive community.

That needs to change, and to that end, we have created a set of community guidelines…


The Safex community is an inclusive, active, friendly and creative community.

We want all members to feel welcome, and we encourage everyone to share ideas and discussion about Safex, the World Marketplace and its evolution.

To accomplish this, we require everyone to follow certain rules:

- No racist remarks or other offensive comments/images
- No sexually explicit, lurid or suggestive comments/images
- No religiously/politically divisive or promotional comments/images
- No attacking other people or making threats
- No trolling
- No scam accusations or other FUD
- No promotion of other projects

It is up to the admins/moderators to decide how to react to any breach of these rules, which can range from a warning, through to a temporary or permanent ban.

Please ensure your behaviour standards meet our requirements at all times. Thank you.


I’m sure that the irony won’t be lost on anyone.

A project that advocates the privacy and anonymity of its users above all else requires you to divulge your phone number for the “privilege” of joining their discussion group.

Well done sir. Well done. :+1:

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Sure, that’s not as it should be, but to prevent spamers reentering again and again there has to be some kind of identification

I hope that safex block chain will make it possible to link the community chat rooms to safex accounts instead


This is a setting for Discord.

We need a mechanism to stop people creating throw away accounts, whilst at the same time not creating too much friction for genuine people to join. This was the problem before, as people were creating FUD and spam accounts and causing havoc.

We will never have access to this information and is entirely enclosed within Discord’s own services. Discord doesn’t even disclose the IP address of individual accounts. We don’t need this information, we just need a way to stop throw-away accounts.