Restoring the wallet on CLI

I was trying to restore my wallet using CLI according to instruction in that video.
But this script did not restore, but created new wallet…
How to get the access on existing wallet using this script…?
It is really not clear…

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Via mnemonic seed or keys? You use different switches when starting cli, depending on which way you intend to restore.

I was trying to use seeds word, but it looked like the new wallet was created, because the balance was 0… so you guess to use keys?

If you copy paste all 25 words when it asks you for the first word, then leave the seed encryption word blank, it should load.

If you copy paste one word at a time, you only use the first 24 words and the checksum word #25 doesn’t get used. Again, you need to leave the seed encryption word blank.

If you mistakenly enter anything into the seed encryption word field prompt, it will create a new wallet.

So what are the steps to restore a CLI wallet form seed?

It asks for wallet file name initially, so I create a new wallet. Then I type help but none of the commands mention anything about restoring from seed

Found answer on discord if anyone needs it

Add “–restore-deterministic-wallet” when opening wallet via cli, then create wallet, and you’ll be asked for seed