Review on TradeSatoshi

I want to do a quick review on TradeSatoshi (TS) because at the moment: 1. it is the only exchange for Safex Tokens; and 2. i noticed some people are having questions about TS.

On the front page you can read the following message:

TradeSatoshi is a UK based trading platform for Bitcoin and Altcoins.
We focus on providing the highest level of security, transparency and customer service. Our aim is to provide our users with a reliable exchange.

So this review is purely from a practical perspective and sums up some experiences i had with TS.

A) Getting an account
This was an easy process not any different then other exchanges. I think it is important to have two-factor-authentification and this is available with TS.

B) Overal interface (UI)
Comparing to other exchanges (i have used about 30), this exchange does not really have a cool, or trendy interface from a visual perspective. It also does not have a very detailed grafic display where you can see the trendlines and indicators. However, the data concerning buying and selling works fine and is very transparant. If you want to see a detailed price of Safex date/BTC, you could use something like to have a more precise picture of the price action. I’m sure there are more traders out there who can suggests more tools. If so, please add yours.

C) Sending BTC or LTC to the exchange
Never had a failure in receiving it, however i learned that, at busy times, there can be network congestion and this, at the worse, could delay your transaction for a few days. I prefer to send LTC to TS (because it’s faster) and then convert it to BTC and then buy Safex. The History TAB on TS is accurate in real-time confirmations. You can refresh the page to check if everything is confirmed. I usually receive my LTC in 20 minutes or faster.

D) Sending SAFEX to the SAFEX Wallet
Based on approx. 10 transactions to the Safex wallet all succeeded. However there can be delay because of maintenance of TS, or SAFEX. To check the TS you can go to the Status TAB and check the list. Also the SAFEX wallet can tell you if the NODES are synchronized/operational. Look at the left upper corner in your Safex wallet (green vs red light). Don’t panic if there is maintenance and try to let it go first and wait for a day or so. First check the forum if there is news about it before sharing your frustration.

E) TS Customer support
I opened two tickets, because when i was learning this stuff i admit to be impatient after 5 days waiting for BTC. At that time BTC had major issues (not SAFEX!). However, TS checked it for me and let me know within 24 hours. On the website, Discord and on Twitter you can find additional information about relevant updates and/or maintenance.

F) TS Volume
Low volume, but as you know if you followed Dan’s updates the focus in this phase is on building a working product. This is a very good strategy, since we have seen so many projects overhyped without any working product. Remember slow and steady wins the race. I am confident the Safex team will open new doors when the time is right.

To get your Safex Tokens on TS go to this page on your desktop or mobile phone:

Always check the URL to avoid fake websites!


I hope some can benefit from this information and have peace of mind. Have a good day!