Review rewards the SAFEx community

I’m sorry that I’m saying this, but voting & commenting is not enough. I think that members of the DBOT should also review products that are put on SAFEx. This does a few things:

  • It proofs the product is real (so your not posting that you got a 1000 iPhone, while you got none)
  • The DBOT member can become a content creator , so they can do stuff like this on the SAFE Network:
  • Again it gives SEC more value, because the DBOT members can sell them to product reviewers not yet in the possession of coins. (SEC could be the reserve currency for review vid uploads on SAFEx)
  • The review can also be included on the products page
  • It leave a breadcrumbs of review video’s, which is like an reputation that can be attached to the reviewer.
  • It creates a marketplace, where good reviewer get products for free (which they can send to their followers) and honest merchants can get exposure through the reviewers followers.

I’m out of ammo, but it could just get really fun when you think about it:stuck_out_tongue:

I think if the app restrict most features to SEC owners, it’ll not be very usefull for other people,
Most features should be available to everyone, or else, another exchange will prevail.
Just see how the most used sites like amazon act, anyone can post comments on products they buy.

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