Round up of the week's new - 9th to 15th July 2018

It’s been a very busy week for Safex! Here is a round up of the week’s news:

  1. Community drive forward the TestNet testing
  2. Daniel released video explaining why Safex Cash is so unique
  3. Safex win the Coin Boys “Coin of the Show” Podcast competition
  4. Crypto Carlito wins prize in the McAfee Meme contest
  5. Development continues on the blockchain migration functionality
  6. Daniel reveals plans for an Etherium ERC20 bridge
  7. New exchange listings will come shortly after MainNet launch
  8. Ivana Todorovic receives Masters Degree in Economics
  9. PLAAK Exchange confirm they will be opening on Tuesday 17th of July
  10. The Safex community play against the PLAAK community in the first of many esports contests
  11. Daniel reaches out to bloggers, YouTubers and podcasters
  12. Surprise Safex Five website appears