Safe Ex Exploding Today!

Anyone know why its exploding atm?

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Back on the 18th it was exploding. Atm it is a nice gradual increase. Much preferred. As to why may have something to with bitcoin being sorted for the moment. After the play around with btc and bch, people are now ready to pump funds back into the alts.

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Safex is being seen by more and more people daily. Go and look at Reddit Subscribers. A month ago it had 40 subs now nearly triple that.

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Now ranked 101st at

Let’s be clear. People are FOMOing this til the SAFEX wallet release. Then, it goes back to 190-200 Satoshi.

Only buy It If you gonna hold it, be careful.

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Crypto is all about FOMO. Unless I’m missing something…

Hi may I ask, so if your trying to get your pot up to a mil coins to hold long term it would be wiser to buy after the conference does that make sence ?

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Not all, come on lol

You can’t cherry pick bro. lol

Call it what you want, Fomo or not Safex is undervalued.


Theres a Lot of shit crypto there much higher in cap than safex. Thats wrong and i think market Will correct it


Why do you believe the upcoming wallet should create all this excitement and after that just a dump?

Yeah like World Coin which is 10 cents! What a joke.

Because ‘progress/development’ announcements usually push the prices up, just like it does in the ASX as well.

Well, you can’t compare the price of the coin to the market cap, which is an actually reflection of the value of the company. The reason Safex’s coin are so cheap is because there are 2.4 billion of them, which, if I’m not mistaken is a nod of sorts to Mersenne’s prime. If this is slated to go to 190-200 after the release of the wallet, why would anyone that has any actual interest in this coin, buy it at 300+? Odd comment.

Hi are you saying you predict the coin to go down in value after the release of the wallet ? I was just about to make a buy on this small drop and saw this thread hope you don’t mind sharing your thoughts ?

Good luck with the wallet, new site release and conference in Poland over the weekend! Excited to see all these new events happen!

Hi Mayinvestor,

I was not saying that. I should have quoted this message that was posted as I mentioned that I found it to be an odd comment. Personally, the Safex I’ve bought to this point is in storage where I actually couldn’t sell them without getting another wallet. Point being, at least for me, I’m holding.




Look back in a few months and you’ll see this as just the beginning.


Almost at $0.02c AUD. This is going crazy! Good to see Safe Ex heading in the direction is should be.

I’m sitting on a big old stack of these… Wondering if I should sell high and buy low? Or is that too risky, and I should just hold no matter what…hmmmmm. What is everyone else doing?