Safe Exchange Developer Update April 14, 2017

Greetings Friends,

Liberland Anniversary Conference
This week we are traveling for the Second Anniversary of Liberland. During this event I will be presenting Safe Exchange to more members of the Liberland community which is very exciting for us since this young new nation is at the forefront of cryptocurrency technology and supporting its future.

Chille Development
Furthermore, we are moving on with development of crypto libraries related to Chille. This is significant news, since the peer to peer network library is practically squared off at the foundation. We will revisit it when we begin to work on the Blockchain library after Crypto. Wallet
In addition, we have started collaborating with a programmer for development of the wallet, affiliate system, and voting system all built into the website directly. I do hope that this collaboration continues and that we are finally on the course of delivering the full stack of applications. Yes, our team may be finally fundamentally complete.

Safe Exchange Coin top 10
I found it also fascinating how Safex coin made it to the top 10 briefly one night this week, being valued at 96 million $. It didn’t last though it is providence.

Thanks for reading, and your continued support.

Safe Exchange Developers


It was a harbinger. :yum:

Also notice that it got there with only a price of 203 satoshi, which is less then Safex’s all time high of 357.


Turning out to be an excellent event so far :sunrise_over_mountains:

I will be giving a presentation on Safe Exchange in the next couple of hours :slight_smile:


Just made it back home late last night, today having some internet connectivity problems just a heads up to the gang incase someone is looking for me today and I didn’t get in touch yet.

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Great news man, can’t wait to hear more.
Live and Let live and Make success!

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