Safe Exchange Developer Update February 20, 2017

Hello everyone;

Happening now:
As of this morning we’ve landed in Bucharest, Romania where we are a guest speaker for the decentralization conference hosted by where we will have a chance to meet with crypto professionals and media outlets to tell our story and gather attention to our ground breaking endeavor.

The week ahead:
The event in Bucharest will go on until Thursday and we will be back at the terminal and code editor again on Friday. Progress in organizing the development flow and repository of necessary modules is coming along well.

Also, there are couple of interviews scheduled upon return from the conference to hire fullstack website developers to take over production on the website side of things for as well as future user interface development. This will take the necessary load off of my shoulders and the front end results will be professional (I am okay admitting I’m no seasoned front end developer; thankfully the backend of the website is epic) :sunrise_over_mountains:

The past week:
Furthermore, we’ve concluded a hiring of a publicist who is inspired by the work we’ve done so far with setting up Safe Exchange Coin, our decentralized organization; and further in our work that is up to the plate: Chille Blockchain and the anonymous marketplace.

This will result in further coverage and documentation of our project, and importantly spreading the good word about private keys, decentralization, and safe practices that can protect you and your wealth in the crypto currency uprising.

Conclusively it is great to start seeing recognition of our endeavor. Look past the first glance if you’ve participated in the crowdsale, because this development is underway and it’s based on proven architecture that is being perfected to a use case the world does need. Ask anyone if they thought that a secure place to trade and receive payments was a good thing, they would agree it is important. That is what I hope we Safe Exchange Coin holders can see and let others know about it because it empowers them.



Glad to meet many new faces and hear many new ideas happening at the decentralization conference. Also having a good time presenting our endeavor and hearing the good feedback about it. Day 1 concluded and making a lot of good friends, and really happy to see faces from the past.



Final days of the conference before returning home:

Speaking on a panel about Banking and how it fits in with decentralization; and visiting some Romanian castles, while having a great conversation with my new acquaintance: Vít Jedlička, President, Free Republic of Liberland !


A lot of good updates keep it up! Nice one with a President!

Looking forward to the website update so we can feel great showing my friends besides telling.

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