Safe Exchange Developer Update February 27, 2017

Hello everyone;

Happening Now:
I am proud to announce that we’ve gained a friend, Pavle Aleksic, who will be working with us. Pavle is an experienced web developer and is seasoned in Reactjs and Redux. We’re very lucky to have him on our team, and he is glad to be with us on our project. :fireworks: :fireworks:

Since returning from Romania I have been prototyping the Gossip Protocol which is networking architecture and it is how Blockchain nodes are communicating new information such as blocks that have been mined, and transactions that have been submitted to the network.

The Week Ahead
Pavle is getting started on redesigning the UI of the site and he will be working out the Safe Exchange Coin management interface on the site. Exciting developments coming up.

I am working with an animator who I have hired today to produce a short video that explains Safe Exchange Coin and Chille Blockchain and how they are related. This video will be finished in approximately two weeks, and it will be visible on the website when it is finished.

Additionally, I will be continuing with the networking code until it is in a usable and stable condition before switching over to implementing the necessary crypto library for dealing with block creation and transactions. We will be informed with the progress here, and the github will reflect a stabilized version.

The Past Week
We were representing the Safe Exchange Coin in Bucharest Romania, and made many new friends and partners who recognize the value of our development. Notably it was great to make the acquaintance of the President Vit Jedlicka who started the Earth’s newest country: Free Republic of Liberland. It is very exciting the work that is going into it and I am glad that we are able to support and help.

A lot of productive feedback has been shared, and because of so much communicating has been happening it is making it possible to finally distill the description of Safe Exchange the Coin and Chille Blockchain that it will be very concise to transmit the proposition that we have to offer.

Thank you for reading, and your continued support on this journey of liberating the earth, trade, and the free flowing rhythm of value.



A very important announcement: If you’re on WeChat you can join the discussion and make friends in the Safe Exchange China channel. There are several community members from China who are participating in our growth. Huge thanks to @Chain-chen for setting this up and inviting us.

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This upcoming development update will be delayed until tomorrow, March 7th

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I’m hoping its something interesting will be the update!

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