Safe Exchange Developer Update February 6, 2017

Greetings to everyone,

I am proud to present the revamping of the Safe Exchange website found at

It includes a vending application that anyone can use to purchase Safe Exchange Coins. It is easy to use and does not require the formation of an account. I encourage everyone to suggest using this website to join our community since it is a good on-ramp for people to use.

Here are two tutorial videos how to use the website and acquire Safe Exchange Coin:

If you need a new address watch this:

If you have your own address:

During the past two weeks we’ve been finalizing a presentation for Safe Exchange and what is the value proposition going forward. We’ve voted to produce our own Blockchain and Network, the Chille Blockchain. It will bring us to the point of creating non traceable and anonymous contracts stored on the Chille Blockchain that would expose a marketplace. A token that will be mineable will be required to spend in order to make transactions and to put contracts which others can purchase and transmit their purchase information.

Not to mention that people will be able to message encrypted and anonymous using the Chille Blockchain. Moving forward it will be possible to do anonymous data storage, and continue to evolve our technology to accommodate important utilities going forward to maintain our free world.

On the road ahead is the Chille Blockchain website itself; the road map; and the repository for its codebase. We are still on target to begin the blockchain and mining by Q2 2017. Additional applications upcoming this month are account creation on the website with the built in voting and proposal applications.

Also, @we-advance and I have collaborated to begin a new publication called Harbinger. Here we will be discussing each Monday evening about our on going work, progress, and deployments that are focused on decentralizing technological processes, educating people about the benefits of crypto currency, and offering resources that illuminate what is now and is coming to people all around the world.

Finally, thank you for your support and I am looking forward to continued developments and success for all people by what great architecture, the blockchain, cryptography, and decentralized networks offer to each of us.



Wanted to add an important comment that is: any Safe Exchange Coins sold on this website will be repurchased from the exchanges as soon as payment is confirmed; The site is serving as only an easy to use interface for acquiring Safe Exchange Coins.

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No a problem. Very good explanation!!


hi I’m coming, I’m glad the SEC’s progress, is also looking forward to the arrival of the second quarter of 2017, I am also very continuous attention and support you


Nice update, nice application on the website. I will definitely use this when I tell people about Safe Exchange, and I’m glad to be a owner. Keep up the nice works Daniel.


I’ve updated the website to be responsive on mobiles, and also made the text more readable.


Update with contact form on

also added a price preview to the main page

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I have an idea to accept Tether (USDT) which would allow people to wire transfer into Tether and now be enabled with crypto currency. They can then be able to purchase Safe Exchange Coin and hold Bitcoin and be activated in the Crypto Currency world.


Dally, I don’t know tether very well, is this the only way around the Exchanges?

Man, one that finds a way to avoid banks will make a buck money. If someone invents a universal direct cash/account deposit will be rich!

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@uqaz thinking further, I could issue our own token to represent the fiat; however, that won’t be necessary:

Instead we can just accept wire transfers directly and once the transfer clears, give Safe Exchange Coin at the rate on the day the wire transfer clears.

This part… It’s about having crypto currency to be accessible to everyone… It’s like, people can pay cash for the coins that’s one way… or:

Someone can work and earn coins and ignore fiat and be onboard directly. I think that makes it important for Chille to be CPU mine-able and fair. Like this we will have a vast community, truly decentralized. The centralization of mining harms decentralization because now you have to go to the place where they sell the coin which could require using a bank account.

What you’re describing is the on-ramp to the crypto currency, it’s either wire transfers, cash in hand, service for payment (in coins), mining, or gifts. Somehow the coins needs to get into people’s hand


Ok, from what you’ve described earlier, I can see the following stakeholders (please, correct me if this is incomplete):

  • Holders of SEC;
  • Miners of Chille coins;
  • Programmers of smartcontracts;
  • Vendors of real products/cryptocoins;
  • Buyers of real products/cryptocoins.

The first three will have direct interest on the infrastructure of the system. I wrote all of this to finally reach my point.

You’re saying that project’s mainly tractor of value will be electricity (by mining). But those three actor will fight each other… SEC owners could be greedy and ask for high fees, miners would love it… That would affect negatively programmers (higher costs to smartcontracts) and fees would be expensive. I mean, how would all stakeholders optimize this in order to grow value steadly, atracting people to convert electricity to coins and simultaneously retainning value in this blockchain (thru not letting value flees it)?

We talked earlier about mileage. That’s a kind of incentive to a vendor or buyer (who are not directly interested in the blockchain). I’ve remembered venzuelan people that bought food with crypto… maybe a 6th stakeholder can exist here, some kind of paid dealer, a kind of representative of the buyer overseas.

Very frentic wrinting, i know lol

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Another issue, how would we form a good fee “price”?

Maybe we should see what a big company charges (Vendors should be asked) and derrate it, 0,7x. How much derrating, still, would atract all the stakeholders mentioned above?

But in the other hand, anonimity is valuable… hence, maybe people could opt for it (paying more for it, of course).

I think Vendors should be the kings of it, at least in the beginning.

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I see what you mean; however, if we’re going to be better than Visa and Mastercard we will charge less than the status quo; and I do believe it will be much lower in cost.

A balance will need to be struck between cost of the mining, size of the blocks, and willingness for others to participate. If the fees are not enough for many people to build applications then that’s Okay because we are here. Eventually though the size of the marketplace will determine how much infrastructure we should have, how many app builders will be determined how many different markets we are supporting.

So really it does come down to the vendors, what they are willing to pay, and what kind of application they are interested in. I do think that financially and politically it is worth pursuing this solution. I do believe that we will be able to configure the network to meet the support of the important participants: vendors, miners, producers, investors.

Tomorrow I am releasing the roadmap for Chille and Safe Exchange, you will see that I take this into consideration significantly and it will take good discussion to get this together.