Safe Exchange Developer Update July 31, 2017

Hello everyone,

A brief update today:

We are wrapping up the redesign of the website. It looks outstanding in my opinion and it is on schedule for delivery.

Next up, the safex wallet is also facing wrap up on backend code to be in Pavle’s hands for front end development. It is scheduled for completion for August 5th.

On August 6th, we will be in Poland for a crypto currency conference during which we will unveil the safex wallet to the public. Super excited for that!

We have made progress on the economic research front by bringing in a couple of candidates towards economic research which will be a foundational element in why Safex will receive so much adoption in the near term that will continue to grow into the long term future :+1: :+1: (purpose is to model chille blockchain emission rate and money supply)

We continue to appreciate all of your enthusiasm as we all are as well :smiley: And we are looking forward to a neat delivery of the safex desktop wallet.

See you all next week :sunrise_over_mountains:

Safe Exchange Developers


Awesome! Keep up the good work your idea is gaining traction and getting noticed! When do you plan to launch the Alpha testing for the Chille exchange? I think I read Aug. 24th somewhere but I might just be making that up.

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Maybe its not as long as i thought it would be before every Youtuber is talking about Safex :open_mouth:


So will the wallet be available for download by August 5 or the 6th?

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Wow! Fireworks for 5.-6. :fireworks:
Soon, ALL of You Tubers gonna talk about Safex @cocainelion :sunglasses:


Great!!! This coin so much better then the rest in so many ways. Thanks for keeping us all informed really has made this coin top of my list. HODL

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Actually just had a meeting with Liberland President… I will be a technical advisor to their blockchain infrastructure (today in safex offices).

(im on the left in the white shirt holding the Bitcoin, President Vit in the light blue shirt between the three people in blue on the right)


Didn’t get the memo? :wink: Safex only around them for a while and they already bleed it! Congratulations BTW.