Safe Exchange Developer Update March 29, 2017

Hello Friends,

A push has been made to the website. Some more adjustments are being made to the graphics to address pixelation and background of the animations, as well some more UI improvements to the key making page.

What do you think?

Furthermore, the push required much more attention from me which impacted pushing networking tests. However, now that the base site is published its refinements will be less attention requiring. This means that we are now in full swing on developing our Chille Blockchain.

Safe Exchange Developers


Glad to see the plan moving forward!


Very nice! Now an investor can generate his own key without having to go to!

@dallyshalla, can you enlarge or use a contrast color (intended to make the reader pay attention) to this phrase here?:

“Only you have the power to copy down these keys and store them in a safe place for future usage”


Thank you for your feedback @uqaz, I agree that line needs distinction.

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Very nice website Dally and nice work team! Keep up good job!

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I like it very much! Everything is nice done, clear and i can trust it!