Safe Exchange Developer Update March 7, 2017

Greetings to Everyone!

Today we’ve just pushed an update to the website. Pavle has spent the past week getting familiar with the code base that he had inherited and he is now pushing updates to the User experience of the website.

Check out to get a look at the new push.

Going forward for the site:
Over the next two weeks expect further updates regarding graphics, an explanation video, and of course Option 3 which will allow us to use the website as a wallet for Safe Exchange Coins, a proposal platform/voting application. These things will all make our mission statement very clear and interaction among us stakeholders very simple to manage.

This past week:
Progress on our peer to peer network is coming along well. Once a stable version is tested on my node environment a publish of the github repository will follow. I am anticipating that in the next or following development update we will have a chance to appreciate this code that I am writing.

During the past week I have taken some time to answer to queries from potential partners who are interested in Safe Exchange Coin and among who are new investors in the endeavor. Our Chinese community is growing significantly and we have shared the QR code to access the Chinese language chat room.

It is good to know that many people are able to realize the impact that the decentralized and private trading post if you will that we are establishing provides for the well being and ability for people to be safe from hackers and unintended snoopers.

Going forward:
Our team will continue to communicate with potential partners especially higher volume exchanges who are interested in listing a coin with a future.

And we will continue improving our presentation until it is solid. Meanwhile development of our Chille Blockchain continues.

Safe Exchange Developers


Cool update Dally! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to test the marketplace already!

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@marko, all I can ask is for your patience at this stage. Everything is coming in its due time… step by step.

Though I do not want to stifle your enthusiasm as I appreciate you!! :sunrise:


dallyshalla, i don’t have the knowledge to understand the quality of what you are programming, nor if it would work.

Just keep getting us posted of what is going on. That’s very important for us all.

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Because we have two testing phases before a launch phase we will be able to gather the opinions of other experts on the quality of implementation that is already going to begin with the first Alpha release.

Usability will be the biggest challenge. However that it will work I am 100% sure because we are extending existing architectures that have been used in the wild already for example Monero, QuazarCoin, and the other many cryptonote type coins.

A difference I am putting forward is all Rust codebase, and the marketplace and its suite. Things are evolving and will be far different than existing cryptonote coins, and also ours is actually fair … rather than 90% mined in the first year.

As usual I will continue to be in touch.


Agree with @Marko , looks great! Ty!

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BlockNet will be supporting Safe Exchange Coin on its decentralized inter blockchain exchange. :thumbsup:


Chinese language was not formatting correctly on the website, so it is now…

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@dallyshalla, have you ever consider to use Safex as mixer for coins? Not just bitcoin, but for other like Eth or LTC?

I believe the structure , the order book, could be used for that, right? If one could easily do Altcoin -> Chille --> Altcoin, It could be used as a form of privacy (a different arrangement like Safex would need spare and easy access to Chille to do this. SEC owners would be extra happy with this.

Lots of fees will come from this, trust me lol

I think people doesn’t trust mixing sites, they kind prefer Dash or Monero. But moving towards just to come back to one’s original choosen coin it’s costy and depende on fluctuations of other altcoins. If we could show to the mixer consumir that he controls all através of conversion, he would be confidant to use this service.

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I am interested in accomplishing this sort of application with BlockNet using Atomic Swaps between the different blockchains. Let’s see how this progresses.

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Ok. IMO if sidechains become a reality, altcoin exchanges are dead, pratically. Marketplace of goods will be our main products if this happen.

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dally, just saw in my android device and the “Aquire Safe Exchange Coin” box is hidding. That happen in the stand and lying position of the device.

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I did notice that as well, this week we are finalizing the UI wireframe as well as the account creation, and affiliate program.

So this will be addressed and pushed end of the week and into the March 20th update

Thanks man, i can’t wait to show it to all my friends!

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