Safe Exchange founder on Ernest Hancock's show

About 3 hours worth. 2nd and 3rd hours, plus overtime.


Hey, just listened.

If you are a newbie like me, i hardly suggest you to listen to this.


@uqaz what are you a newbie of?

Anything I can clear up?

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No, no, thanks. :smile:

In this conversation that you had it all (objectives, motivations, whys and pros) made sense lol. Now it all tells a history in my mind.

Glad to be in this!

To a cripto-ignorant or a non-programmer, that show answers a lot. Hungry for more informations of the future of this project!


I’m glad to hear that; I so thoroughly enjoyed being on the show with Ernest.

Initially I had read your comment and thought it meant you would not recommend (thought you thought its too technical) but I was wrong, and also glad to be wrong there! :slight_smile:

Btw sorry I was late. But I’m glad Ernest got a chance to set the stage :wink:

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