Safe Exchange on MUEX.IO

Hi @dallyshalla & SEC community,

I’m here to get to know a bit more about your project to assist our team in finalizing the decision of adding SEC as an accepted asset on MUEX.IO .

MUEX.IO is a project aimed to bridge services to crypto communities and their members; our project is an initiative by the MonetaryUnit Foundation team (MUE).

If i’m not mistaken @daniel posted in our BTCT Thread to the effect of SEC community interest; and i’m here to review the request.

We do not have listing Fees, we avoid shady projects and have no tolerance for scam-coins sweeping through the realm of Crypto and so, our decision to add coins is of two types:

  1. Naturally we accept - most if not all - Coins that are generally accepted by Crypto Payment gateways
  2. We add developing coins that request it based on the demand of its community;

Provided the project is:

  • Actively maintained by its developer/s
  • Has an active and involved community
  • Shows the general signs of a healthy Crypto-Project we all aspire to see thrive to the benefit of the crypto-ecosystem
  • Willing to collaborate with other crypto-projects in building inter-community bridges

We’re still in (and hope not to get out of) the development/testing stages of our ideas…
So bare with us, it’s all part of the growing pains.

From the looks of it, i’ll have a good brows/scroll/read around your forum…

Feel free to drop me a line re your thoughts and comments.

For MUEXIO & MonetaryUnit Team


Hi @bbobb, thanks for dropping in. Yes it was I who dropped a line on the Bitcointalk thread to raise your awareness of the SEC project.

We are in active development. Our roadmaps were published:

Safe Exchange Coin is the DAO that is developing a new blockchain we are calling Chille. Chille is an anonymous crypto currency blockchain coupled with a marketplace. Development is underway.

Safe Exchange Coin is an omni asset at this time:

There are no concrete plans to move it into the Chille Blockchain, that may change; however.

Our website: is continuing to improve because our development resources have expanded; meanwhile I am completely on the systems programming side.

Safe Exchange Coin holders will receive dividends from the Chille Blockchain from transaction fees, and they will have power to vote on development direction and spending development funds.

Originally we were planning to develop on the maidsafe network; however, that turns out to be not such a good idea and our community voted:

to go ahead with a plan that we build our own infrastructure to deliver our mission statement: An anonymous marketplace that no one can shut down.

We are active on our slack:

Things are so fun for us (for me, our dev/creative team, and investors I spoke to) that we’re not going to be able to deviate from our path. :beers: