Safe Exchange Update February 13, 2017

I am pleased to present the roadmaps for Safe Exchange Coin and the Chille Blockchain development process that we are now embarking on:

Safe Exchange Coin Journey Map

Chille Blockchain Flight Plan

We have an enabled Slack chat room : Anyone can join the slack group and communicate directly with each other and me as well.

This past week has been put into shaping up the website. We have:

  • Shaped up the landing page to be responsive on different screen resolutions
  • Added a price feed to the homepage before going into purchasing
  • Adjusted some of the graphics


  • A Contact Us page has been added for email
  • An Education page with videos related to crypto currency and the blockchain
  • Key Maker app which generates random private keys which can be used offline as well

We have received plenty of feedback that has helped to improve the site, and we have successfully completed a transaction where the SEC automatic buy back mechanism worked as it should. This is a great indication that the site is prepared for general promotion.

To create transparency about our organization I have compiled a spreadsheet of how we have been spending our funds and where we are at today.

What’s happening now:
Furthermore, we are in the process of onboarding an economist who should be able to assist us with scientific processes for evaluating our economic decisions related to the Chille Blockchain and its ecosystem.

We have also taken up interviews to hire a marketing professional to join our community, and help to tell the story about our software that is going to be changing the way the world does trade today. Once this role is filled it will signal my transition into persistent software development of the Chille Blockchain.

During this week ahead, the plan is to integrate wire transfer acceptance into the website, continue with onboarding of the new team members, and organizing the repository for the Chille Blockchain.

Thank you:
A big thanks goes out to Marija, our graphic designer for the great productions she has put forward this past week. :sunrise_over_mountains:

We appreciate the continued support of the community, and we hope that you can continue to present Safe Exchange Coin and the decentralized enterprise that we are. A futuristic concept that is here today in our hands right now. To those who are not yet with us so they can see the value of a global organization that is entirely comprised of the cryptographic signatures connected to a fixed number of coins.

We are embarking on our first development as an organization, the Chille Blockchain, and from there the world is our oyster. We are anonymizing and decentralizing trade as our first stop. Imagine our future planning when we are able to build from that and anonymize and decentralize the storage of all data.



Excellent update Daniel! Get to the Chille it will be rewarding.

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Very happy to see a road map and flight plan. Looking forward to more details about the Chille Blockchain and Safe Exchange.

But more importantly… seeing it become a reality!


Huge thanks to @Chain-chen for help translating the site into Chinese language


Great detail in this update.

Is there a list of use cases anywhere, or UI mockups that show how someone might interact with the chile blockchain / Safex to achieve a task or trade?

For example, if I wanted to run a decentralised auction for X item, how might that work?

It’s great that there’s a big focus on the technical, but I’d love to see some communication of why it’s worth bothering with the technical in the first place.

Clear examples of use cases would be great for the website as well. ‘Improving the conditions for trade’ sounds good, but what does that look like?

I’d love to see some examples that make the utility of Safex very clear - how would I sell or buy a phone / pizza / shareholding / IP license / etc with it, and what advantages does it offer over alternatives?


Thanks @DavidMc0 I am in the process of hiring a developer to help out with the websites, my front end skills are not well established and we would lose time if I started practicing CSS and HTML. Once this person is in it will better serve us to actualize the placement of more information on the site at that time.

And do please continue to share feedback, it’s invaluable and is helping a lot.


That sounds wise - it’s good to play to your strengths @dallyshalla, and great to know you’re looking to get someone involved who can focus on the front end.

In the mean time, could you, and / or others on the forum, give a few brief high-level examples of tasks that could be achieved with Safex and the Chile blockchain, plus advantages of using these platforms for the tasks over alternatives?

What will Safex + Chile make possible or better?

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Chille exposes an ability for a person to offer goods and services without trace directly on the Blockchain.

Others can spot this offer of goods and services and directly interact with the seller by offering information related to delivery and payment.

This is cleared by the Blockchain itself.

What this does is allows people to privately trade for the first time all on an autonomous system.

The distribution of Chille Coins also will be egalitarian making it easier for more people to have access to the currency, and therefore be able to make offers on the marketplace; and also it will allow people who discover this marketplace in the future to not feel left out.

The Safe Exchange Client is what we will develop as the main user interface, and wallet for Chille Coins and that is where we will earn residual income from the Chille Blockchain, because 10% of the network fee will be awarded to the application that facilitated the transaction. That includes transfers and market interactions of listing offers.

People can securely and privately conduct remittances, make international payments, speculate, offer freelance services, and trade goods. The security and privacy means that when you purchase something no one will be able to trace back to you what you have, so you are safe from who you are trading with. If you’re using bitcoins to make purchases with other people and businesses and you had all of your funds in one place it is very dangerous for you, for example.

The blockchain speed is going to be 30 seconds or less which means it is quick to settle transactions.

There is no way to be censored off of the Chille Blockchain. And no one can shut down the Chille Blockchain.

Finally, if you notice that to list something you will store some data, and atomic sales and purchases means we can lead to expose the hard drive and create complete data storage with a dynamic pricing mechanism. This is a future planning that I have in mind for the Chille Blockchain.


Hello @dallyshalla and team!

Can you guys give a review on where are we in development and the gifs above?

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@uqaz we are in stage 2 on Chille development. and Stage 5 on Safex journey map.

Chille Alpha Production
Safex Wallet Application

interesting note: likely we will go from alpha right to beta, so far I am seeing little need for intermediate alpha release before beta. (so go from alpha directly to beta to launch)


Wow, that was fast, can you also give time estimates and dificulties on the overall sentiment on future stages?

I’m no developer but a sensed enthusiasm from you telling this shortcut from alpha to beta.

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I am still hauling away on the Rust language definition of our blockchain.

Target for public Alpha is June.
Obstacles are related to applying blockchain architecture using the available tools of Rust Lang. It’s 100% doable just a bit tricky at times.

Target for public Beta is August.
This is where we start working with our Marketplace. Obstacles to be here are related to user experience. How to make a new account on the blockchain, escrow selection and procedures. The more options we demand the more time we may run over to get launched. Also I want to involve the community between Alpha and Beta to get a good discussion about usability before going all in to code up how people will be using the marketplace, even though I already have a good design from which we can start the discussion.

Before we call it launched we will host Beta until we are totally comfortable with the codebase.

We are very much on track with the timelines so far.