Safe x wallet not allowing me to withdraw my safe x

I keep trying to send safe x out of my safe x wallet into another wallet. I press send and I get no confirmations and nothing happens. The money stays in my safe x and nothing happens. I will never keep money in a safe x wallet EVER again I don’t care about the dividends or any other BS that is promised. This is absolutely ridiculous. I cant trade any of my safex.

How long has it been? Maybe get intouch with safex before you bash there name.

sorry I just am extremely frustrated. I wanted to dump all my safe x when it was at .018 and buy back and I wasn’t able to do that which is very frustrating.

Hi rdp314

I’ve only received Safex to my wallet, never sent it. But in either case make sure you have some Bitcoin stored in your wallet to cover the transaction fee. Since Safex currently resides on the Bitcoin Blockchain, your public address is used for both Safex and Bitcoin.

I wish I could be of more help. Try doing a search from within this forum as there may already be a solution.

Give the Chief Architect and CEO, Daniel Dabek, a chance to respond to your request. Dan Dabek and the Safex community are committed to its success. The current version of the Safex Wallet is v0.0.3 and Dan Dabek and his staff continually upgrade and improve the wallet. Safex is growing in strength and popularity and new features are added as necessary.

Hopefully, others may be able to assist you more than I have.

Hang in there and Best Wishes!

Keep in mind SAFEX is still in development, & investors buying in on the beta releases. So the resources & wallet aren’t 100% polished yet.

It can be a bit confusing at first, but you’ll need a small about of BTC (in the same address) in order to send SAFEX. SAFEX piggybacks off the BTC blockchain, so a single address can hold both SAFEX & BTC.

Lots of things are happening for SAFEX during the month of December, so you’l make money as long as you hold the coin.

How convenient that they can easily receive coins but having a hard time letting people withdraw it. It’s a little ridiculous to me. How can you not allow someone to withdraw what’s there’s.

Did you not hear us explaining twice that you need to send BTC to your SAFEX address in order to send SAFEX.

I’m not an idiot I am well aware that you need BTC in the Wallet to pay the withdrawal fee and I have plenty of BTC there to cover it.

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It’s been a day and I’ve heard nothing from the owner and have gotten no help. So my money is locked in safe x wallet I can’t access it. I can’t withdraw it. I can’t send it anywhere. I can’t do anything with it.

Greetings @rdp314, if you are on windows 10 unfortunately it is a common issue; I advise exporting your keys and using another computer, or with your exported keys.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are indeed pushing improvements consistently; however, some bugs and platform support are being improved as soon as possible.

p.s. If you are not on windows 10 then please let us know in which circumstances you are having an issue.