Should Safex be so closely associated with Safemoon? I’m in a group of 20k people and it’s hard to find any that speak well of it. Ponzi, devs quit, whales taking money away. The usual Crypto stuff.


To be honest Stevo, Safex has had it’s share of FUD and HATE, and that stuff never bothered Dan. He just kept on building and succeeding one step at a time. When things got too out of hand, Dan successfully defended his credibility and Safex in a court of law. @dandabek and @papacthulu are good friends and respect one another.

Unless SafeMoon and the remaining devs are doing something egregiously bad, I don’t think Dan will bail on his friend. In fact, he may be able to offer support and guidance. That’s what I would do.

People want a get-rich-quick outcome. This may work for traders and those that pump and dump. But in the end, it’s better to invest in a crypto(s) with a use case that solves a problem, for example Safex and twminc. But it takes time and patience.


There is a large community that gathered around safemoon, I think that there is a lot for their team to put together, the things you mentioned obviously happened (people left, delays etc)

Most of the binance ecosystem is a big roulette wheel, it doesn’t take too much to make a smart contract and plug it in starting a new coin. I feel that supporting our friends who support us is important, people will need to see that it will be long term in order to succeed.

Consider Ethereum, Vitalik was in the crypto space from 2011, joined the first Bitcoin publication and then they successfully siphoned off a large group from Bitcoin early on, by 2015 they had Ethereum launched… that’s a solid 4 years of action to get even the beginning of the platform done.

Story reminds me a bit about us, there is more competition in this day and age in crypto, but also more people to reach and empower. SafeX is obviously many years down the road, I have immense experience building companies and building value, and we have the goods.

I will support my friends in any way that I can, but absolutely not at the expense of what we’ve started, I think that SafeX is the most valuable proposition in crypto, yet we can not discount that many people are here for many different reasons. SafeX is also very different, it is a proof of work coin, has its own blockchain, and a special one not just a bitcoin fork. We have a completed application that works fabulously,… we’ve really made it, now to let the world know and know about us as the main alternative to all.

@jcasale read the opportunity right


Thanks for taking the time to give such a meaningful reply. Makes perfect sense.


Is the marketplace taking on new users regularly? IIRC it finally got off the ground earlier this year. So we should be seeing a lot of onboarding of sellers soon, right?


Most likely, yes. Dan has been quietly incentivising sellers that create merchant accounts on twminc with a benefits package.

Close to 1000 registered already !

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