Safex academy for education and promotion

Hi all, so far i could make myself useful in the Dutch translation project. For the past 6 months i have been thinking on a new project for 2021, but i cannot do this alone, this should also be a teamwork effort with different people having knowledge of Safex related subjects and being able to put this together in an educational platform or academy. In this way we can create ambassadors with the right knowledge from the start about privacy, mining, using the wallet, staking, setting up shop, useful tutorials etc etc… Like training a first generation with the best knowledge of the project before fire off the bigger marketing campaigns. This knowledge is for a great part already available if you just read the awesome Safex blogs! These ‘ambassadors’ could not only assist in general promotion but also assist on a professional level when scaling to a larger audience of users when more interaction is required with new people wanting to start businesses on the Safex marketplace.

All should be discussed together of course but there is a possibility to incentivice this (SFX?). Taking part in any of the courses should be educational and FUN. In my vision i see a beautiful well structured platform linked to where you can do Safex courses (training) on different levels and subjects. Only people who succeed in having tested in a certain way that one should be able to really tell what Safex is about, how and why it works, can earn the title ‘Safex ambassador’ or just get a score or whatever. Some people just want to do one or two courses to build more confidence before investing, mining or create an account on the Safex marketplace, that’s fine too! Please understand, i do not say this like i am already deciding it. It is my enthusiasm with some ideas which can become better ideas with your involvement. It would be interesting to first gather information from the community at this stage if you have any experience with (crypto) projects who already have participated in or developed some kind of academy style platform. Please share your thoughts…


Awsome Idea Thanks Vacsetron?


This is a big part of What Safex Emporium will do once all is up and running! Education and ease of adoption.


Hi @NanoNarcAgent i have been following your work. Thumbs up and good progress. If at any point you would like to team up please don’t hesitate to contact me. I might also contribute to your work as well.


I want to add an example of courses made on Bitdegree. They made a complete platform with different topics and levels. For an impression to go and select a course. Then you can see:

What will you learn

If you could recommend the first courses for Safex, what topics would you advise?


@vacsetron something I need to feel comfortable to be able to buy and sell things with SFT and/or SFX, and when staking to earn SFX. And that would be a course on how to use the Transaction histories from the TWM wallet so that I can correctly determine my costs, profit and losses for tax purposes. For tax liability, I was never able to determine accurately from the transactions in the bitcoin blockchain what my actual costs and/or profits were for tax purposes.


Thank you for your suggestion. This made me think about my accountant program (moneybird) which i use for registration of all invoices debit and credit. In the background of this registration process (i only just book or create the invoices) the program automatically calculates taxes, profit, etc. and gives me reports for when i have to specify taxes quarterly or yearly. If i understand correctly, you want a way to do this from the tx history in the wallet. So there must be a way to get the total amounts over a certain period. I need to be able to explore the GUI version first to see what is possible. Nevertheless, i will remember your question for if we get to the point that we can show some practical examples after explaining the basics. To conclude, i think you asked a good question from the merchants or entrepreneur perspective because knowledge for this will result in transparent bookkeeping and money management.


Yes. When I originally purchased and sold crypto back in 2017, I did not pay attention to the exact transaction dates/times and what my initial costs were for profit or loss. My accountants told me I needed that and I didn’t have it. The Safex community suggested I use the transaction IDs linked to the blockchain. Even with the transaction I’d and history, when I searched the blockchain I still was not able to determine at what exact date and time I purchased or sold crypto. There’s all kinds of stuff going on, exchange fees, miner fees, etc. and all these operations occur in different dates and times and who knows what I actually ended up paying and when. Same thing when selling crypto. So I tried online services to help with this and i still couldn’t get it right.
I know all this is easy for some, but not for me. I’ve been audited a couple times by the IRS and the State so I really need to get this stuff done correctly.
Now it seems that the TWM wallet wiil supply transaction history for everytime I purchased SFT and in the future every time I spend or earn SFX from sales, airdrops and/ or staking. I would like to possibly open an account and become a merchant and stake my SFT, but all of these actions have tax consequences. How will the TWM wallet provide me a way to accurately track this stuff so I can determine my tax liability using the transaction history?
I feel like an idiot. This is so easy to do for most people. I’m looking for hopefully an easy way to use the TWM Wallet transaction histories to allow me to correctly determine my taxes once a year when I need to give this information to my accountant.
Maybe a course on how to use TokenTax, Taxbit, ZenLedger, or other crypto software packages to upload transaction histories for tax purposes.


I understand. Suppose we, as entepreneurs, become active users of the Safex marketplace with regular or daily transactions, then i would also prefer detailed reports from within the TWM wallet. If there is not such a way yet, i will look for a solution outside the TWM wallet namely the exchange reports where i initially buy BTC with EUR and eventually sell BTC for EUR (in between are all the private transactions on the Safex marketplace).

The way money travels now would be an exchange to buy BTC, then send it to xcalibra, then send SFT or SFX to the TWM wallet and vice versa. So i would filter all my EUR deposits and withdrawels in one quarter or one year at the initial exchange where i deposit and withdraw my EUR. It will require you to select an exchange which has this option. I guess when we are able to deposit with USD or EUR in xcalibra directly it will become even easier and then the last evolution would be able to extract reports from TWM wallet so we can also see what happens with other costs.

Xcalibra has a really easy and clear way to generate reports by the way. When we fast forward to one can see an option to generate reports under ASSETS > BILLS.

To get back on topic about courses, now we are talking about it it is clear this is an aspect of ecommerce which we cannot neglect. A course on how to generate reports and how to deal with taxes could be desirable and give more confidence to more users to start doing business on the Safex marketplace.

Let’s see how the rest of the community thinks about this important part of accountancy which every serious entepreneur will face sooner of later. Even if it is not for only for taxes but just to get a better insight in which products have howmany profit or turnover.