SAFEX added for voting to Poswallet exchange - VOTE NOW


I have added SAFEX to voting at POSWALLET

Here is the printscreen voting screen We need 1000 votes

Start voting.

Thank you


I created an account and voted.

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Great… we already have 4 votes. 1000 will be achieved in no time if we all vote

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Come on people, vote at poswallet. Now at 6 votes, let’s see if we can get to 100 in one week

What is the significant advantage to being on poswallet? I’m all for it, just not sure what is severe advantage :wink:

advantage is that poswallet has online POS. For this reason many are moving they coin supply to this exchange and with POSW price on the rize also the value of SAFEX could rise from SAFEX/POSW exchnage

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POSW currency of Poswallet it skyrocketing… so if we add SAFEX to Poswallet exchanhe we could also feel some PUMP