Safex\alphabay comments....


I’ve heard quite a few people compare the chille blockchain to a future alphabay darknet market…

I don’t really care for the comparison…

But I would like to know Dan’s and the communitys thoughts on this… thanks

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Great question. My opinion is that it should resemble something like
This is a super popular way of buying and selling person to person in Canada. You can post a price but settle it in person for whatever currency/actual price agreed upon privately.

You mean, a localbitcoins approach?

I just wanted to touch on this a bit. A lot of the comments of it being “alphabay” are related to the anonymous transactions and scale references. The comparison to alphabay will inevitable create worry is some investors as they may not want to invest in a marketplace linked to a drug market place. With alphabay the value in the anonymity (maybe the incorrect usage?) was that the market was buying and selling illegal things. While the Chille blockchain and affiliated market place may have that usage, there is so much more that an anonymous marketplace has potential value for. For starters, when I purchase something on Amazon the purchase is linked to me, which is linked to other information about me (email, possible card numbers, addresses, etc…). This can become dangerous as it can be used to hack or gain access to other information or other accounts of mine and possibly lead to fraud or theft. The anonymity of the market place protects me from this as an individual consumer. To expand on this concept, it becomes even more valuable for larger corporations. As consumers are worried about personal finance, which isn’t always worth defrauding, larger companies have much more assets they may need to protect. Defrauding a person may sometimes net you, say $30K, while defrauding a company may net you $500k. The anonymity that was valued on darknet markets for safety from law enforcement, has much more legal and practical applications. There are going to be comparisons to darknet markets because a lot of crypto-traders started there and the anonymity was valued there for the reasons mentioned earlier, but if you look passed that and start to see the global value for consumers and companies alike a large scale anonymous market place has, you can see the true potential. Please don’t take this as investment advise because who knows how the project will turn out, anything can happen, but the potential is there. I got a little sidetracked there, but that is why the comparison is coming up.


Yes in a sense it should be the foundation of the platform. Anonymous and international are the complicated problems to solve.

We should be looking at this in that perspective. An eBay or amazon or kijiji version of buying goods. The anonymous part is you buying a porn video and not wanting your wife to see it on the statement lol. We shouldn’t be in any way shape or form be marketing this as a platform for criminals. Nor make it user friendly to them. Just my 2 cents.


Wow, you’ve changed completly what i pictured about this project !!!

Possibilities are endless, indeed. Earlier i’ve thought about an online marketplace with fixed ads, now you bring another level of trading.

But, once two parties met personally, why would they stick to Chille blockchain? Why not they simply trade in dollars? Ok, i can see the advertisemet costs in Chilles, only… can you ealborate on that?

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It really opens tons of doors in different industries and can help both individuals and companies remain anonymous and protect any amount of information. I understand the comparisons and why they exist, but the potential just goes so far beyond it, key word being potential.

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Safex is not in any way alpha bay. It is not meant to be used in the same way, and if someone does use it that way… look at every dark net. They go down and people go to jail.

Safex is intended to be a secure payment platform for crypto currency users. That means safety when buying and selling, safety from third party risks such as hackers, lurkers, thieves, competitors, and/or oppressors.


So does that mean if it did end up leaning twords illegal goods you as the dev would stop it? Would it be stoppable?
Would it matter either way? I mean it’s NOT like you as a person have been anonymous and trying to hide things, so would it be illegal to profit off it if it did go that route?

Part of our challenge when imagining things like an anonymous marketplace and its potential is our immediate connection to that which has been presented by the media regarding the darker side of cryptocurrencies and anonymity.

What has been said here regarding safety of information, freedom to interact with others without the fear of having those interactions fall into the hands of advertisers (whose moral compass we can always bring into question, I might add), and the challenges of fraud - all of these elements bode well for what SAFEX has portrayed as its vision from the beginning, at least insomuch as I currently understand it. Dan’s comments affirm this, I believe.

What is not often discussed, and this is important in the context of places like Venezuela and Palestine, for example, is the need for anonymity in the face of political unrest and the struggles that come with military takeovers and spur-of-the-moment dictatorships that are emerging across the planet. Individuals deserve the freedom to be participants in the global community of unfolding ideas, new technologies, products & services, and so much more.

I believe SAFEX will be more than merely an anonymous marketplace. I see it as being a space in which innovative thoughts and approaches can also be shared, as already seems to be occurring on this Forum on a regular basis.

Looking forward to the continuing unfoldment of this vision!