Safex Article First On Google!

Hey guys, look at this: When you google “ecommerce cryptocurrency” the first article that appears is the article about Safex on Medium!

Let’s give it a boost, share it on social media and clap if you have a Medium account! :rocket:

This is the link to the article:


This is awesome!! SEO isnt easy, and to land a decent volume keyword like this, and it be associated with Safex, is awesome!


Great job! Hope for more articles like this!

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Congratulations @callmemax :rocket:
What is your next topic? :gem:

Not my article, I’ve just shared it :smile:

That’s the article from the Cryptpresso blog published on Medium, in the StartUp publication. I assume that’s the reason for the good SEO. We should ask him to write more articles about Safex and publish there. What do you think?

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Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t check it :smiley:
If I remember correctly, @cryptpresso is also the member of the forum. So, let’s ask Randall directly. What is your next topic? :man_technologist:t2:

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The Medium platform has a lot of intrinsic SEO value so fresh content tends to rank well on there.

A lot of good quality content is posted on Medium, this is probably why Google gives it an element of authority in the SERPS.


That’s awesome! By the way, if you search for “ecommerce safex” my medium article is #1 too! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


this one?

I enjoy reading it!