Safex/Balkaneum Sponsor Serbia's Largest Youtube Festival

The Safex/Balkaneum team recently sponsored and attended Serbia’s largest Youtube festival Balkan Tube Fest.

The event, organized to celebrate Youtube culture in the Balkan region, attracted Youtubers and fans from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, and even as far as Australia and America.

This year’s event included a Gaming Arena - where gamers, streams and fans can get together to celebrate what they enjoy most - gaming.

Safex’s message to the community was simple - Mine Safex Cash and earn whilst your not gaming. Lots of gamers out there with high-end graphics cards and CPUs.


what a smart move :grinning:
The best way for gamers to offset the inflated cost of graphics cards is to mine Safex Cash in their spare time.


This is great exposure for Safex! :star_struck:


Gamers often have a bad opinion of cryptocurrency miners because they think miners have taken all of the cards and inflated the price for everyone.

It’s simply not the case. It’s the supply chain between the manufacturer and retailer that artificially raised the price and said it was because of the miners.

Back in June, there was reports that Nvidia had to take back 300,000 GPU cores because a manufaturer overestimated how much demand miners would add to the supply.

I think inititives like this, which passes the olive branch between the crypto and the gaming community is important. Lets face it, blockchain and Safex potentially have a huge part to play in the growing gaming industry.


Also they need to consider the fact Nvidia can charge whatever it desires due to lack of competition in the high end field.


Niiice :smiley: Sounds like a huge event


I like it! great event! :clap: