SafeX Bank

Just a thought .Why not make safe exchange like a bank, can be like a safe haven for rich folks to keep their money in. bunch of holders using safex instead of offshore accounts. and they would also gain dividends. more likely better than savings accounts. anonymous

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  1. Buy Safex
  2. Store Safex in Wallet
  3. Copy Private keys
  4. Be your own bank

In 6 months from now all of us with over 1 million SAFEX coin will be laughing because we’ll have more available cash than banks carry in their vaults.


The most important thing to take away from the question as pointed out by @cocainelion that any crypto currency you own the private keys to. Is by default more secure than any banking institution on the planet.

  • those people will be making insane interest compared to holding it with their bank = gg

The space in general is simply amazing. People are truly being able to retain and secure value again.
If the bank gives you 1% interest, inflation is 3% and the underlying value of the money itself has gone down 97% in 100 years. Why the hell anyone is giving that system anything is simply madness.