Safex bi-weekly group chats

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In the 2019, 10 February Q&A session, Rich Bate announced that we would have bi-weekly group chats.

This is the video where I heard that information.

Now I think this is supposed to happen on the Discord. I don’t have access to that. The link on is invalid and the one on expired five months ago.

So where can I find an archive of the biweekly group chats that have occurred and the future ones? Since I can’t join the Discord, I need to find another way to learn about safex unfortunately.

Also maybe someone can explain why new members are forbidden from joining safex?


The idea for this is to have discussions with developers and advisors; and collect questions probably over google hangouts platform: so you can ask questions there in real time and be live streamed directly to youtube.

We did not start these yet; however we are sticking to the weekly development updates you can see in this category:

catch you later :wave:

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