Safex/Bitcoin Blockchain Addresses

When we send our Safex Tokens from the Bitcoin blockchain to the Safex Blockchain will we retain our original public address and private keys? Or will new ones be created?

New ones would be the logical expectation since there is a level of anonymity built in.

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I expect new ones

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Id expect new private address on the new blockchain. Our “old” omni blockchain addresses will continue existing on the btc blockchain.

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I need help.Why aren’t my coins there? I have a safex wallet v 0.0.3.What am I to do? Where did my coins go?


Upgrade your wallet by downloading v0.06 from

You can also check the balance here:

I am from Russia. I did not get to visit the website of He writes that: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

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what to do?

What I can think right now is for you to check with friends if their internet as the same problems.
Meaning ask them to try and go to

I can’t find wallet updates on this site. please give a link.

Check this out and ask the guys there to set you up:

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It could be possible that your country is blocking certain Crypto domains. This is not due to Safex policy, but rather your country laws and policy. However, there could be a solution. First assure yourself checking your balance by entering your safex key at Second, try to find out a way around this by clearly describing your situation by asking some senior members and experts at Safex discord using the invite link above.

Try this:

Sometimes your anti-virus program is preventing certain websites to open. Give an exclusion of the website in the trusted websites list or in worst case uninstall the anti-virus program and re-install. Try another browser.

My Internet provider wasn’t allowed on the website. I was able to access it via mobile phone.

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I did everything exactly as shown in the video, but it did not help.

For your computer try using a VPN application like IPVanish or similar.