Safex block value

If I was to Get a block how much safex cash would i get? Also I have been mining for 2 weeks on 1 kh/s on average and haven’t gotten a block?

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Are you solo mining or mining from a pool?

At this point for solo mining, 1kh/s compared to the network average of 4.5MH/s would mean you would potentially find a block every 4500 blocks, but it’ll be a case of luck - that’s assuming the network hash rate stays at 4.5MH/s, which it doesnt.

Much better to mine from a pool. You have a choice of pools here:

We have a number of lower hash rate miners who are getting roughly 10 to 15 Safex Cash per day with 1KH/s mining power in a pool.

At the moment 1 block = 60 Safex Cash.


You will eventually find a block; one every week or so; if you’ve been running for two weeks, then very likely soon you’ll find a couple blocks. It’s all probability so you might get a cuople blocks back to back;

if you want to see more consistent gains then definitely switch over to mining with a pool


I am mining with a pool and thanks for the response I guess I’ll just sit back and wait


Thanks yes Mining with a pool and your right I’m get 10-15 safex cash a day


Excellent! Well done and good luck with your future mining!


Since Bitcoin dived below 4K I’ve been hitting a block reward every two days. Previously I was only getting a reward every five days.