Safex Blockchain Main Net Local Node & Solo Mining Guide - Windows 10

The following video guide can help you get started with a Safex Blockchain Main Net Node and start Solo Mining Safex Cash on Windows 10. A visual guide can be found here as well . I hope it helps!

I will soon have a new video and guide that shows how to make a DIY Full Mini Local Safex Blockchain Node! It has been running as a Functional Node for the past 3 days in its current form.


Do we need updated versions of files or it can work with the ones you linked in video?


those ones should be good until marketplace launch


The links in the youtube video will also be updated as future releases are available.


How do you setup workers? The video show how to solo mine on a node.

What I’m looking for how to connect various workers with (XMR -miner example) to the node? WIN10.

at this time, I would need to run " example 5 nodes" . Can run a Node on a simple PC and connect my 5 workers to the node? Thanks.

For multiple rigs I use XMRIG, editing the settings below. Once you start the safex deamon you will see an output in the command terminal that looks like this: "Binding on “” You may be able to use the IP here but you may need to replace your local IP info of your Node and add the port “17402” to the end. “Node_IP:17402”
The XMRIG config file can be edited like the example below before starting mining.
“pools”: [
“algo”: “rx/sfx”,
“url”: “”,
“user”: “User”,
“pass”: “Password”,
“keepalive”: true,
“enabled”: true

Where do I update the “replace your local IP info of your Node”, is there a config file ?

Please check out this video:

Also a configuration template is here to use that only needs to be updated with your wallet address and mining pool information. In place of the mining pool information you would enter your local node IP info to point the miners to your local node.

The firewall is off. I do mine and run a different node on the server, and have currently have rigs connecting to it… so I know for fact there is a connection.

I think I need to make the server listen to the network card and IP that is assigned. Is there config file? Cause I have two NIC CARDS on the server.

json file link:

ok .I got it to connect! I had to do a bit of port forwarding.

For all windows users: You need to map the port.
open in powershell:

netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenaddress=“IP address of listening NIC” listenport=port number connectaddress= connectport=17402

Do not use the same port number in the listenport. Choose any port you want that is free.

netsh interface portproxy show all ( this will show a list of all the port fowardings)

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Spoke to soon. The Node has issue with the LOGON:

020-07-14 15:12:25.167 [RPC1] ERROR net.http contrib/epee/include/net/http_protocol_handler.inl:306 simple_http_connection_handler::handle_char_out: Error state!!!
2020-07-14 15:12:30.179 [RPC1] ERROR net.http contrib/epee/include/net/http_protocol_handler.inl:368 simple_http_connection_handler<t_connection_context>::handle_invoke_query_line(): Failed to match first line: {“id”:1,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“method”:“login”,“params”:{“login”:“Safex61CExxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,“pass”:“xxxxxxx”,“agent”:“XMRig/5.8.1 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) libuv/1.34.0 msvc/2019”,“algo”:[“rx/sfx”,“cn/2”,“cn/r”,“cn/fast”,“cn/half”,“cn/xao”,“cn/rto”,“cn/rwz”,“cn/zls”,“cn/double”,“cn/gpu”,“cn-lite/1”,“cn-heavy/0”,“cn-heavy/tube”,“cn-heavy/xhv”,“cn-pico”,“cn-pico/tlo”,“rx/0”,“rx/wow”,“rx/loki”,“rx/arq”,“cn/1”,“argon2/chukwa”,“argon2/wrkz”,“astrobwt”]}}

I guess no more dev on this?

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