Safex Branded products now available

I haven’t had time to check if these are available globally, if just US-market. I’ll guess it’s just USA at this time.


I think . . . a clever way to establish and hopefully solidify the Safex brand with, while also being a boost to advertising and marketing. I can envision water bottles, headbands, all sorts of Safex branded products. Maybe even slight design changes could increase their usefulness so that they will standout even more!

I wonder if it would be tacky to include the url to the website or TWM wallet, in an an unobtrusive way on the products themselves?


Qy: 50

SFX: 18714.7028

For the sake of clarity and avoiding misunderstandings I would suggest to make a change here and be more informative.

I mean instead of Qy: 50 / Qy availlable: 50

Instead of SFX: 00000.0 / 00000.0 SFX EACH.

And you might reach out to the community in helping make or choose a design for like these hats ?

I think people wood feel happy to contribute and participate and even exited to buy something they helped create.

My two cents.