Safex + Brave, BAT (Basic Attention Token)

Tossing out ideas on Discord with @ulrich95 this morning about integrating Safex and BAT, perhaps even a direct partnership. BAT’s mission is to transform the web’s advertising layer by paying users for watching/interacting with ads (hence the name, Basic Attention Token.)

The idea of content creators lends itself to the Safex Marketplace idea - like a way of promoting their content on Safex marketplace through the same ecosystem. To me BAT illustrates the allure of Safex and crypto in general, which is rewarding not only producers but consumers of content/products.

Would love to discuss this some more with those familiar with the BAT/Brave model


Funny enough i was thinking about this earlier - hence the initial discussion about BAT in Discord.

Certainly the BAT model holds some good principles (i’m not talking about how BAT potentially operate their buisness, because i know that’ll probably get raised at some point).

I’ve been writing up an idea that utilisies this principle. It’s too early to discuss right now or even if it’s executable but it has some good potential.

The idea, however, for merchants to be able to advertise direct to the user and even reward the user for their attention has legs.

Brands have advertising budgets - traditional advertising methods they would most likely pay per ad-impression or click. In the past this has worked, but we’re evolving and developing ad blindless. Traditional advertising is losing it’s traction.

This new incentive-based advertising paradigm is interesting though. You pay on engagement, which is the most important metric for an advertising campaign.

I’d love to expand on this idea i’ve been working on but i don’t want to give it away yet. Watch this space though.


This is a bit of a different idea, but one of the interesting things about Brave is that it gives you a BAT wallet for donating at the click of a button to your favorite content creators. All they have to do is register their Youtube channel (as one example) and when supporters visit with the Brave browser they can click the “Brave Rewards” button and it allows them to send a tip in whatever amount of BAT they want. It’s relatively anonymous, simple, and bypasses the usual payment platform middlemen enabling direct supporter-creator relationships. Nobody takes a cut of their donations and supporters don’t have to reveal personal credit card details. It might be interesting if something similar were done to integrate creator products on the Safex marketplace which would further enable a direct relationship between supporters and creators. Just brainstorming, but it could take the form of a Safex browser extension, or maybe there would be a way to integrate it with Brave’s ecosystem as it develops.

Example: A content creator has a Youtube channel where they promote their original music. They create an account on the Safex marketplace and list their songs and albums. They register their Youtube channel so there’s a tie between it and their account on the Safex marketplace. Someone comes to their Youtube channel and listens to a song they wrote. They like this song and want to support this creator so they click the integrated Safex browser button and a screen comes up showing them they can buy the song for the price of 0.99 SFX. They click the buy button and it instantly sends a buy transaction to the marketplace, debits the built-in SFX wallet 0.99 SFX, and as soon as the transaction is processed, the song appears in their Safex Music Player and the creator’s account receives the SFX. Wasn’t there a mysterious secret project out there somewhere for a Safex music player? :slight_smile:

The idea of directly integrating the marketplace into the web browser is intriguing as a way of smoothing out the process of individual content creators marketing and selling to their supporters with minimal overhead.

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Wasn’t there a mysterious secret project out there somewhere for a Safex music player?

I would have sworn there was something said by Dan about Bjork, but I think I’m losing my mind.

Github repo is there, just empty right now :smile:


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lol OK not Bjork, but Imogen Heap

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Ideas are always nice.
But minimally useful product release is more important.
We can think of hundreds of interesting ideas, but if marketplace counter stays at 0, what good does it make?