Safex calculator

Hi there. As mentioned in Discord, I would also like to share an info here that I created two (for now) simple calculators for Safex. First one is our beloved dividend calculator, since idea of dividends attracted a lot of people to Safex. Second one is mining calculator where you can calculate your possible reward per day based on the current network hashrate. You can find them at

In my everyday work I do backend development, so I am strugling with design, but will try to improve it over time. And for the end:


Really cool and a very requested feature. Thanks v much!


If there are other calculations that you guys would like yo have, put ideas here


Just for fun: Wen retire calculator.

Put in your sft amount and the money you want to accumulate. And a slider of average annual volume.

Than show the result:

You will reach that amount of money roughly around


I like it :grin:


I would steer clear from the terms “Dividend” since it isn’t really a dividend. Where staking tokens grants a share of transaction fees generated by the platform, the term that might best fit this mechanism is a “revenue sharing model.” It’s akin to a cooperative (coop) structure where members receive a share of the profits or benefits based on their contribution or stake in the organization. The stake you own, is nearly like a status symbol more than anything else. This is not a traditional dividend since it’s not coming from a company’s profits but rather directly from the transaction fees collected by the blockchain protocol itself.

I would also add a disclaimer, a bit more elaborate, can DM me I can provide it but something to be clear “this is all theoretical total loss can occur so tread carefully welcome to the wild west wassup” but more clearly :smiley:


… and exactly why the term was not used in any of the Safex blog articles, such as What is Safex Commission Pool?


Adjusted. Disclaimer is still to be added