Safex Cash on my Blog!

Safex community,

Thanks for reaching out and supporting me in my quest to educate and inform people about the new money revolution that is crypto!

In return, I’m giving you this article about mining Safex Cash. I wrote it for newbies, so they can understand that mining bitcoin and other big coins aren’t profitable anymore, so they should look at new coins with great potential such as Safex Cash. I hope you like it!

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Hey @cryptpresso,

Thank you for being with us. I really like your article.
First ten years of cryptocurrencies were about bitcoin and (maybe) ethereum… Next decade will be about Safex, it’s two coin system and e commerce marketplace.

I like how you point out that we need real usage of crypto. Massadoption will come with Safex. :loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound:


Looks like Safex is going to turn e-commerce into c-commerce.
Really looking forward to that, I will be using your marketplace for sure.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my tweet about Safex, your community is great!