Safex cash solo mining

hi! I’m currently mining with the safex.luckypool and getting around 600.00H, but is there a way to solo mine with the xmr-stack? unfortunately i’m not an expert, and would it even be woth it to solo mine? I could set up 2 more computers, but how high is the probability to even find a block?

thanks and have a nice day!

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Solo mining is possible if you set up both a node and a tool called Monero-Stratum - some instructions on how can be found here: (see section #GPU Mining).

With 600H/s i would probably recommend sticking to a pool. Although not a perfect method, a general rule of thumb is divide your hash rate by the overall network hash rate.

So as of now, the network hash rate is 3.26MH/s, or 3,260,000H/s. Divided by your hash rate input, you’re looking at a 1 in 5,433 chance (or find a block every 5,433 blocks). That’s assuming the hash rate stays exactly the same.

Pools on the other hand reward you based on the input you’ve given in finding a block. You’ll most likely get more frequent payouts via pool mining rather than solo mining.

However, it’s certainly an experience doing solo mining, so if you want to learn something new and give it a try then by all means i recomend it.


thanks a lot, extremely helpful answer, exactly what I was looking for! I have to say that it really does sound very intriguing, i’ll surely look into it and maybe try it out