SAFEX Coin Distribution Statistics

In response to the “Just 4% of addresses contain 95% of Bitcoin”, what does the distribution of SAFEX coins look like?

I’m hoping it is more evenly distributed, less centralized, and less influenced by larger entities.

Does someone know where I can find this statistics/distribution?


I do not avoid the subject, Safex also has fairly centralized concentration. However, that is why we do not use it as the currency of our marketplace.

The Safex coin is an incentive to contribute back to the community through promoting more users of the marketplace.


Thanks for this information!

The distribution looks great except for the 1 address that owns 1 billion SAFEX, or almost 50% (most likely belonging to SAFEX).

EDIT: Belongs to Bittrex (so combined SAFEX of all Bittrex users)

I’m guessing that this address provides all the SAFEX tokens sold on the SAFEX website, so it’s slowly being released into the wild.

EDIT: Actually all coins have been distributed, SAFEX has hard cap so no new coins.

However, the exchange rate is marked up quite a bit on the website 230 sats (compared to Bittrex 190 sats), this will probably incentivize people to purchase off exchanges instead, leading to a slower distribution of coins.

EDIT: SAFEX website buys off exchange, so I guess extra cost is for the convenience.

Hi Webber. That address you mentioned with the 1bn Safex is actually the wallet used by Bittrex, the exchange. So it’ll contain everyone’s Safex who’s buying and selling on the Bittrex platform.

Assuming your talking about this address:

Although it probably doesn’t answer your question directly, Ivana, Safex’s Economist, posted an article explaining how they plan to keep Chille decentralised and fair for everyone, helping to avoid any one person monopolise the Safex/Chille market.



  1. Not everyone holds Safex just for decision power (don’t forget dividends);

  2. I guess you are right about the ownership of that fat address. Months ago we ran a vote for Safex going solo, not depending on Safe Network developments. Poll was around 40% of total shareholders then… i mean, knowing how Daniel is behaving till now… we can assume he wanted to see what others would think, not interfering with his half. Just a hunch.

The website does not sell new coins, it buys from the exchange to fill an order made on the website.


^^ that is Bittrex’s account, so depending on the number of accounts there holding Safex will tell you the distribution on Bittrex.


@dandabek Thanks for clearing that up!

@Rich.bate Thanks for the article, definitely checking it out.

So the richest SAFEX holder is 80 million or 3.8% (very reasonable) assuming no one storing on Bittrex has more than 80 million (which is a good assumption because you shouldn’t leave that much on an exchange).

This looks much better already, & shows that SAFEX is on the right path to success.

EDIT: Original post was edited to not spread fake news.

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Also consider some of the largest holding wallets have had no activity since the initial coin drop. It MIGHT be forgotten or lost wallets. You never know.

But generally, yes, distribution is good. And more so recently.

A few months there were 2000ish wallets holding Safex, in a period of 6 weeks or so it’s now up to 3200.


If that ‘fat’ (bittrex) address concerns you, wait until the blockchain is announced with a definitive date. You will see it split up in a more general division since (guess) 80% of the coins will be transferred to the safex wallets. Yet there will always be some addresses with a larger amount of safex.

Don’t forget that some people, including myself, have been following this project from the very beginning. Some of these people, including myself, are not invested in safex for (dollar) financial gain only. These people just share the same vision about the project as you have; they only got in really early and understood the hodl value on the long term in those early days. I don’t think in dollar, but in products and services (and then dollar). This is what the future will bring anyway… crypto is here to stay. Safex being the first of its kind… long time stay!

Daily there’s about 130-150 million safex coins being offered on the various exchanges. That’s about 12-15% of the total on bittrex (the other exchanges are insignificant). As said: right before the blockchain announcement (especially the airdrop date), there will be an exodus on bittrex and what is remaining are the ‘forgotten accounts’, the ‘newbies’, ‘the bankrupt people’, ‘noobs’ and the people who bought in really early, waiting for their target sell, but have no clue what gem they bought into. I read the news continuously about various crypto’s and many have really no idea what safex is. Chille? Never heard of!

To give you an indication of how value safex is right now: I would sell a 2014 Ferrari 458 for 22 million safex. Far above the btc price vs dollar, but at this stage we only have a wallet and a strong team. When we add the blockchain, the marketplace… this price will rapidly drop. Till the price will change to 1 million safex, then 1 million Chille coins, 500k, 250k, 100k, etc.

Safex is win/win/win situation in the long(er) run. Either the dividends will set you forward, or the Chille coins sells will set you forward or safex gains so much in value to you maybe choose to convert to dollar… and all of the above at the same time. So it really doesn’t matter how you look at it. Let’s assume you own 1 million safex coins. With a $3 billion market turnover, the dividends will basically give you the opportunity to live a financial healthy life of the dividends. But then it starts to make sense… these dividends will go on as long as the marketplace is active. This will be for the next 5 years absolutely no problem. There will be some competition, but look at bitcoin… they were the first, that’s why they mid $5000 nowadays. When your dividends give you $100k per year, every year (and growing)… how you will price your safex? What if Chille hits $10 per coin? Doesn’t matter… what can I get for 1 Chille is the question.


^^ this

@ivana can enlighten us to the % of money that is usually lost during a period of time, this Im sure applies to the supply of Safex and consider Time has passed nearly 2 years since the distribution of Safex coins.

I agree: after each product each service this collateralizes our positions. This makes me urgently want to finish the production and begin the next phase of existence in the marketplace and travel promoting this marketplace while establishing trade connections for everyone on the network.


Not just you Dan. Even as a peasant Safex holder (for now) I’m prepared to support the network through internet marketing, community outreach, selling goods/services, running a node, etc.

I believe your careful selection of economic incentives is correctly chosen and will be part of what propels the marketplace to substantial and then serious adoption.

Hopefully I can accumulate my target Safex holdings before Chille Alpha.


Dan, Team, and SAFEX Hodlers,

One suggestion I would offer in the current context is exploring the SAFEX Hodlers to determine what interest they have in discussing how to support the expansion of the project at the different launch stages that lie ahead - Chille Alpha, freestanding Blockchain, marketplace, Chille distribution, etc. Some deep wisdom is beginning to come forth on the Discord forum and here on the SAFEX Forum. The Community seems keen to better understand what is being created here, how it is different, what it means for SAFEX Hodlers, what it means for the greater crypto space, and how investors can invest their personal time and skillsets to support this project more holisticly.

It also seems that there are some potential crossover possibilities with other crypto assets, a crypto-based privacy browser, as an example. If there is room for cross-collaboration, this simply supports the marketplace adoption when the time arrives.

Perhaps the question is simply: “What can we begin doing as investors to support this project as we enter the end of Q4 2017 and the beginning of Q1 2018?”


What about the address for Cryptopia? It’s not in the top 50 addresses either

You can’t say that safex is more evenly distributed because it is a newer coin. What if the amount of people who want to own safex goes up 100x in the future? Then we would be that 4% and everyone else would be complaining about the unevenness of the distribution. That is why people invest.

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My initial concern was that SAFEX distributed high percentage to its owners like some other coins do.

We’ll have a much better idea of distribution once the marketplace goes live, because it’ll force people to move coins off Bittrex, which is masking 50% of addresses.

We still won’t get a full picture because high coin holders can split into multiple wallet addresses, but it will still be better than seeing that 50% is on bittrex.

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@webber in fact the safex crowdsale only retained 1% of supply to the founders amount

Any future holdings purchased from the open market.

Issues around certain concentration of coin only comes from an early launch compared to most icos lately. The demand on ICOs has changed significantly from 2 years ago.

So far in my experience, more concentrated coin holdings with higher valuations had been sorted before.

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