Safex Community appreciation thread!


What a great community.

People are so civil here. It’s absolutely lovely.

Post in here to show your appreciation of the Safex community! :heart: :heart: :heart:


The community is growing everyday, can’t wait to see what the future holds!


I love me some SafeX!

Really surprised this awesome little community isn’t bigger considering the project at hand and very happy I got in during it’s time of secrecy.

Keep it safe!


Yeah I concur, constructive thoughtful posts from people evidently with their eyes open.
Good bunch of people

When I think about SAFEX, the Team, and the Community, I realize that this is quite different than most of the groups in the Crypto-space who have what I would call a “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) mentality. Since I joined SAFEX, I have noted that this Community recognizes that the Heavy Lifting required to bring a Marketplace into reality is a massive undertaking! The idea that Team is Team, Investor is Investor, and identities may be adhered to throughout the process does not resonate with this group. My sense is that this has much to do with the Eastern European background (Serbia) for this project. Individualism does not lead to a Chille Marketplace. Collective inclusion and engagement does.

I imagine at some point investors will begin to pool their SAFEX to create an incentive program for Marketplace Vendors, to draw them into the Marketplace and become beneficiaries of their own success in selling their products and services. The more collective and inclusive the SAFEX Community is and continues to become the more successful this project will be.


What a time to be alive!
:v::heart: SAFEX

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Cheers to the Safex Community!!
Cheers to the Chief Architect and CEO Daniel Dabek for his candor and on-going participation with this community!!!