Safex Community Miner

Question: I downloaded the miner but when I try to run it it never gets past the loading phase after I clicked the start button. I tested it on another PC with the same issue. Any thoughts? Thanks

I will guess you didn’t whitelist the 1-click miner folder with your antivirus program/s.

Yeah I put the exception through. All it says is loading. Never truly connects. Any other ideas?

Running it in admin mode?

No but I will try to reinstall and test another PC. Strange as this should be simple.

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Looks like having AVG a problem when trying to run this app. Once I deleted it worked fine on both machines. I have been running it since Sat night. When do payouts start? Thanks

Go to the website of your selected pool (same url, but exclude the :port info) and then enter your Safex address you used in the miner.

You’ll see pending balance.

Once the Safex blog comes back online, there’s an entire article explaining all aspects of the pools and mining, etc., which will help you set an appropriate minimum payout amount.

You are the best Aus…thanks for ur help

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