Safex - Community Shirt Contest!

Hi Guys,

Please do upvote my designed shirt on the Safex Community reddit.

Thank you!


Where can we get a high res version of the safex logo?

I’m not sure about Hi-res but the one I got was by searching it in google :sweat_smile:

The artwork of the ship with sails is awesome. I’d like to have a t-shirt with the ship, but I can’t find a hi-res version. Personally, I’d move the Safex logo as a banner under the ship.

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I created one but the resolution was terrible. If the demand was there I could work with the printer to get it done

Maybe Dan would encourage his art team…(hint, hint…Mr. Dan)

I use to sail, and competed for international cups. Sailing in my DNA. Always been my dream to pilot a galleon.

Absolutely love the artwork, and Dan’s meaning behind it.


Congrats for winning the contest!!! T-shirt will be available in a few weeks @