SAFEX concerns: DASCOIN, Milan, Competition, & Adoption

I’m a huge holder of SAFEX coins & I wanted to bring up a couple points that aren’t discussed much but thought would be of interest to some people.

(1) As you may know Dan built the block chain technology for DASCOIN, which I think has amazing technology and is quite an accomplishment on his part. However, DASCOIN itself smells of pyramid scheme, and many communities have deemed it as a scam.

Do you think Dan’s involvement in a possible scam coin has any effect on SAFEX and his credibility?

Do you think Dan may need to contribute more time to DASCOIN for code maintencence and updates, leaving less time for SAFEX?

(2) The recent firing of Milan sparked some controversy on reddit, saying that it was handled unprofessionally. I think the recent price dip to 130 sat may have had something to do with that.

Does the firing reduce your confidence in the SAFEX team? Or is it a positive since they’ll be replacing the position with a PR firm instead.

(3) SYSCOIN ($125M) BITBAY ($25M) are all decentralized exchanges / marketplaces. While I don’t know the technical differences, I heard only SAFEX is truely anonymous.

How easy would it be for SYSCOIN or BITBAY to implement true anonymity like SAFEX? Is it something that can be done from a coding perspective, or is SYSCOIN/BITBAY so far along that they can’t add that feature in there?

I want to know if SAFEX truely has an edge over the competition.

(4) The $500M 1st year revenue prediction for when Chilli launches is pretty ambitious in my opinion. They make a bold claim that the marketplace will hit that volume.

I’m not saying it’s not impossible to hit that mark, but doing so in the 1st year will be an impressive feat. Adoption must be high, and SAFEX will need to get lots of small businesses on board.

I bring this up because I read somewhere on reddit that SYSCOIN & BITBAY haven’t gotten much adoption, and that the items you can purchase on their aren’t useful things.

While I understand that they aren’t truely anonymous, I’m using SYSCOIN/BITBAY as a gauge of the decentralized exchange marketplace. It seems that there’s still a ways to go for it to be like eBay, Amazon, or Alibab.

When the Chili market place comes out, how can it make sure to gain more adoption than SYCOIN & BITBAY? The extra anonymity that Chilli offers is great, but I think the average user wouldn’t weigh that factor that heavily into their decision on which marketplace to use.

Considering your questions, you have not read or grasped the communication we have had that differentiates Safex from all cryptocurrencies, the firing of employee, and technical accomplishments of dascoin that I had led, and finally your gauging everything because of the price, where one person who bought 100 million safex below 50 satoshi is dumping to give you that false sense that something is wrong.

This kind of emotional “investors” in safex is not what is helpful. In fact if we were making proposals and voting we would have trouble because any random people can so easily sway your opinion or raise your concerns. It means you won’t decide for yourself but by the whims of arbitrary messages from abroad and this will have a terrible negative affect, despite the facts.

I do hope intelligent people take advantage of the low pricing.


Thanks I may be overthinking, need to lay back and give it some time. Was hoping for a discussion, but if that only spreads FUD then maybe it’s not a good idea.

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100 million Safex being dumped by one person with malicious intentions, so there is more to come…

Hi Dan, hoping you can answer my question from another thread pasted below:

Hi Dan,
Can you please clarify the nature of the dispute with Milan.
Does/did he have access to information central to the Safex business?
It just seems like there is more to this than just an employee goofing off at the beach instead of working…


I moved the topic off of the front. Please give me the chance to put the development update where we are going to address these issues.


There are business arrangements that we conduct that are not “public information” He was being paid and let in and has seen our methodology. He is under non competition agreement.

What you saw is a fud that echoed to the whole community, hence the twitter, etc. Like wasting our time he is wasting his own time by hanging around to get pity.