Safex conversion to btc

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I was just testing sending safex coins from bittrex to safe wallet approx 400 safex coins I sent but their corresponding BTC value showing in wallet is 0.00000546 BTC.Although actual value of 400 safex coin is approx .0010 BTC.Is there something wrong ?

Also to test another thing where I want to send those 400 safex coins back to exchange (bittrex) I see fee charged is the fee fixed here ? Even I send 10000 safex coins back to exchange I see same fee getting charged.

Please clarify me on both scenarios as I am trying to load all safex coins to wallet.

Thank you

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I also noticed this , I moved 70k safex from bittrex tonite… the fee was 100safex … the transfer went fine, but the value is askew in the btc value. I did not try to send anything from the wallet, but as I understand it that could be set to pay more in “gas” not sure. \

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@vkushlani & @Chilly, this small amount of BTC is actual BTC in your address. safex is a omni-protocol asset and as such the transaction is sent on a very small BTC transaction. That 0.00000547 BTC is that small BTC transaction which carried the safex transaction.


Thanks Rob

What about the fee getting charged when sending safex coins to bittrex ? It seems to be fixed for any number of safex coins you want to send to bittrex.

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The fees are for the underlying BTC transaction and it does matter the quantity of safex encoded in that transaction.


So if I want to send 100000 safex back to exchange to trade,how I can I do that ? Because BTC fee required is not shown enough to do the transaction.or how can I accumulate enough BTC in safex wallet to carry sending transactions?

I will really appreciate if you help me here.

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Send BTC to your safex address?

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@znffal can we do that ?

@dandabek please help here? This is big problem I see in the wallet.please correct if I am wrong.

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I haven’t done it myself because I am holding long term, but yes.

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Yes of course since its a BTC address

Its not the wallet’s fault but that is the way omniprotcol works since safex is a omni token which is on the BTC blockchain. The fees are for mining fees and 0.00000575 is for the tiny BTC transaction needed to encode the safex transfer on.


Nothing wrong at all. That’s how bitcoin blockchains work. It is an omni wallet after all. Soon it will be on Chille, but for now yes you can send BTC to your SAFEX address. If you have any erc20 tokens then I suggest familiarizing yourself with myetherwallet. Where you can send all your ether based tokens to one address. This will help you in the future if you ever want to get involved with more advanced wallets like IOTA.


Thanks much @MrJ and Rob


Why is my transaction not getting through? I have more than the amount of BTC needed to send a medium speed transaction but the wallet has only said “pending” for several hours. Also no activity has been reported on the address I am sending it to. 1GwMqBa1ixbw6hDCVeNXnXT6Nq971M9fvr This is too slow to be a productive coin!

It took 18 hours yesterday for mine. Its the delays in the BTC blockchain.,

And I see no transactions for that address.

If its Bitrex — Did you confirm the withdrawal on bittrex. Check your email. Is the withdrawal still waiting for approval on bittrex’s wallet page

If its Safex wallet then I am unsure and someone else should be able to help

And a good reason for having its own blockchain. Which is one reason why Dan is building a blockchain to have safex on

Transferring from Bittrex to the wallet is fine. I’m having problems transferring from the wallet to Bittrex. That address is on Bittrex that I am trying to transfer it to.

@jeanfreau Well the transaction is not appearing. So I’d say it was not performed. Does the originating address still show the coin as being there?

Sorry for the delay…Yes, the original amount and the bitcoin amount. If I hit send again, it takes me back to the next page but still says “pending” at the bottom not “confirm” . Am I leaving some step out? This is very frustrating. I don’t believe putting any more bitcoin in the address to make it a fast transaction will make any difference.

Sorry, I cannot help further since I am not currently using the safex wallet since my coins are now in “paper wallets”

I hope you don’t have any problems when you eventually move them. What is the value of them if you could never sell them? Good luck

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I too have this problem. I cant send btc to the safex address. It sais its not valid. Guess I’m stuck.