SAFEX Crash, Cash & stash

Hey guys, loads of people are cashing out… PEOPLE …now is the time to HODL & BUY.

I feel SAFEX will pop $0.05c as soon as Chillie is ready. I feel the wallet issues need to be (1024+ bit)
if its not already. These teething issues must be sorted to ensure future partners such as Gumtree or Gadu Gadu the level of security of coins is over substantial.

We need more media partners and breaking news and videos.

BUY SAFEX … and forget about it for 100 days and now is the time to buy…

I’M SICK OFF THE FUD… Safex is the going to suprise people. All those who follow my posts please like and comment.


I’ve been buying as it goes down. It will turn…so, now’s the time to take advantage.

There has to be an obvious, transparent road map for SAFEX in the Market place and user base,
otherwise we’re just looking at another contender in a Cryptographic Marathon.

User base + understanding user base + market place for users to actually use safex as currency (×) transaction on chillie = basic ecosystem of ecommerce and a mass adoption for a user case for that particular market.

BlockCAT comes to mind and working with or similar to this market concept