Safex delisted

Hi I’m new to all this investing still, have been holding safecoin for about 6 months now. Im just curious on how it getting delisted on exchanges will affect it’s value. Im still going to hold I like the idea of the payment system.

It’s cutting its exchange options, so prices will go up. Was even trading at 600 Sats if I’m not mistaken (between peeps). And as it develops, price should be soaring, so once its on big exchanges again, should be booming…

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Hi @Killroy,

There are several articles available from the Safex News website that discuss the delisting:

There are also videos on that discuss the delisting.

Beginning January 1, 2018, Safex will become available on, and it is currently available on

Some have suggested that American exchanges, such as Bittrex, may have delisted Safex due to greater scrutiny in the United States by the IRS. Since the delisting, more people have shown a greater interest in Safex and its value has not suffered.

Q1 2018 - Q2 2018 should be notable for Safex as the new Website and Whitepaper are expected to be released, as well as the alpha blockchain of the new marketplace.

Many members are Hodling their Safex and acquiring more!

If I could afford to I would also acquire as much Safex as I could at this time.

If you have not already, I recommend you to join the Safex Community on Discord:

Best Wishes!


Cool thanks, I’ll keep looking into this. I am trying to make more time to follow all this stuff, it’s still all pretty new to me m.