Safex Dev Update: April 6, 2020

TWM Wallet
During the last week we were expecting to release the next iteration of the TWM Wallet containing the account registration transaction; however, we ran into an issue that took until this morning to correct.

While Daniel reworked the flow of the application the case of the accounts not saving to the file after a wallet restart kept returning resulting in moving deeper into the stack of the wallet interfaces. Igor discovered a bug where the save was corrupting due to an improperly passed argument.

This update was pushed to the simplewallet.cpp file which corrected this bug and during this week there should not be any issue with releasing the test version of the account registry form.

Additionally, while in the engine room of the wallet Igor added an additional field to the registration object to show to the user if the account is registered in the blockchain yet, since an account can be generated but it then has to be sent to the blockchain. Also the wallet will easily want to keep track of when the account is confirmed and ready to be used. This new status field will fulfill such functionality.

This has delayed the release we expected last week, and will be handled during this week.

Safexcore: Marketplace Protocol
Igor has completed core test coverage of the alternative blockchain scenario. When two miners discover a block simultaneously it could result in two sets of transactions being confirmed in a different order between the two. So the system needs to differentiate when this occurs to correct the order of adding transactions.

For example when a offer is sent to the blockchain, an edit of that offer should not be accepted into the blockchain before the offer is ever listed in the first place. This is a reasonably complex element to keep track of and ensure that when a blockchain split happens momentarily that it is well trained to properly include and exclude transactions.

This was the scope of the previous few weeks of development that we have covered in previous updates which is now coming to a close.

Additionally, Igor refactored the feedback system for after you purchase a listing over the blockchain.

First, the feedback comment is now limited in size whereas previously it was not limited at all.
Next, Igor refactored the way feedback is stored in a table when parsed from the blockchain:

the key value is the offer id and the data is the rating with the comment

This should allow us to more easily and quickly (computationally speaking) sort and find feedback related to offers.
Lastly, the feedback score field was adjusted from being a 64 bit integer to an 8 bit integer.

Igor will be preparing a staging branch with which to slowdown and ultimately freeze code additions for consideration and review by third parties. (this will not mean new code will stop being generated)

Meanwhile with the wallet saving bug out of the way we can go through the rest of the functions into the wallet: listing offer, updating offer, making a price peg, updating the rate of the price peg, purchasing, and leaving feedback.

Thank you

The Safex Development Community

Screenshot from 2020-04-06 17-29-51

an excerpt of the code that the javascript interfaces with to do some of the marketplace transactions: create safex account, edit safex account, create safex offer


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Very nice. I am hoping for a perfect storm. Trillions of dollars currently being pumped into the market looking for good news! Let’s hope they find marketplace soon.


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