Safex Dev Update: August 19, 2019

Last week Marko began adding the safex_account functionality to the cli wallet. Included in last week’s update are command line interface wallet methods for creating and updating the safex account object. This is a wrap up phase for account creation.

During the last week Daniel further updated documentation for sell offers, and these specifications go into development next.

Keep in mind that rev share from locked safex tokens functionality is already implemented. The account creation will tie in with sell offers which ties into the rev share system and we will be nearing a completed state for marketplace v1.

Stefan also added endpoints to the golang module rpc for creating accounts.

Sails Wallet
In the past week progress has been made on contact list, transaction history, setting the active account when using the wallet,

Stefan added development to safexcore for communicating between the golang module and the full nodes in the network. Additionally he added handling for transactions with big amounts and multiple transactions for example when mining to an address and there are many small transactions needed. Functionality was added that better addresses this scenario.

Also some adjustments were made to the transaction creation system to better accommodate token transactions.

The next migration will be processed on August 24, 2019

The Safex Development Community


Hi there,

With going v1 live, will there be also a website (webshop) which will implement it or it comes later on ?

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As a personal hobby project i’m looking to do something like this. The node API and RPC will allow for any developer to interface with it via a web front-end.


Good to hear. Will there be also something from Balkaneum ? Dan will need to sell stuff somewhere :smiley:

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The initial marketplace interface will be an app - built into the upcoming wallet release.


Seems that V1 will not include the very basics for a dignified ecommerce experience, no feedback/reputation, no title markets(still to define what they really are) no messaging. encrypted listings… Missing something?

all of these are also going in. thank you for your comment.

@gale yes there will be a web front that can be used as a webstore

as well as using the Sails Wallet to manage commerce



Can you give us more information on the events scheduled for October 15? The video didn’t really give any details.

Also, when is the Dan Q&A that was announced in the August 2 marketing Q&A?



Thanks for the update.

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@dandabek how far are you guys from starting building the Marketplace UI in the wallet? Have you got the UX and Visual Design all sorted or are you still working on it?

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@dandabek how the web store frontend will interact with the desktop wallet to issue the required blockchain transactions?

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@Rich.bate @dandabek

It seems the French government and Amazon are inadvertently assisting the Safex Marketplace. Maybe make some use of this in the marketing campaign.