Safex Dev Update: December 28, 2020

Successful Hardfork 7
Last week on December 23rd, 2020 the Safex Blockchain crossed block number 605,700 and the marketplace application took hold as Hardfork 7 became the leading version across the network.

Due to our extensive preparations, this hardfork luckily crossed over smoothly more than we expected and imagined. All mining pools promptly upgraded, and many node operators have updated.

If you are tuning in just now, you can find the downloads for the Safex Blockchain Full Node and the CLI Wallet as well as the Wallet RPC the link below, for Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux.

Release Safexcore Hardfork 7 · safex/safexcore · GitHub

After nearly 14 months of development, and dozens of live testers together we launched this baby, and the first nearly 1000 accounts have been registered.

*taken from that has daily updates on metrics from the safex blockchain marketplace.

Here are the metrics for using Tokens on the Blockchain:
25,000 SFT is the minimum to Stake
Staking will lock up SFT for minimum 8,000 Blocks (10 days)
Unstaking receives you any SFX generated from the marketplace activity in 1000 Block Intervals
An account requires to stake 1,000 SFT and they will be locked for 22,000 Blocks (30 days)

The first sale took place by user: safexdallyshalla and it was purchased by Brian Dordevic in this historic and iconic transaction:

The first offer published:

Orbiter Wallet v2
The Orbiter Wallet v2 continues to operate for sending and receiving coins; however, since it is built with the previous hardfork, it does not recognize the blocks after the hardfork 7 so it will show that it is still on block 605,700 (605,701 if starting count from 1 not 0)

We plan to release a simple send/receive wallet to replace this one; however, it continues to operate normally otherwise.

Keep in mind, that the loading.. text is where the price feed ought to be; however, the price feed is temporarily lost at the moment.

TWM Wallet
What remains to release in the Epoch is the TWM Wallet. This comes with an accompanying API that loads the curated list of products, and also houses the server for being able to sending shipping information to registered merchants.

After the hardfork, the team took the time to enjoy Christmas activities, and the weekend to get rested for the upcoming release of the TWM Wallet.

This week we are in a sprint to set up the infrastructure and release the TWM Wallet.

Mining Pool Improvements
Included in Hardfork 7 is an update to the miner block reward transaction. When fees are collected in the block reward it would cause some glitching that prevented the mining pools from easily sending transactions without performing a sweep_unmixable action, or forcing the payment from the pool to be done with a ring size of 1. With the improvement the fee reward is separated from the block reward so no longer will there be this potential lag or extra steps for the mining pool operators.

Twitter Situation
We’re dealing with the circumstances on twitter, in the meantime you can follow
for real time updates from Daniel.

We also encourage you all to utilize this forum and to notify others out there to tune into the discussions here.

Latest Blog Article at
Blockchain Technology: The Solution for Data Privacy?

We’ve also published the latest blog post discussing the nuances that Blockchains play in the role of privacy.

Future Planning
With these epic milestones around us, we will take the next weeks to plan the future of our software activities, community, and proliferation. :sunrise_over_mountains: :sunrise: :city_sunrise:

Thank you all for being a part of this incredible journey and development. :pray: :bowing_man:

We wish you all a Happy New Year and an Epic 2021 to ensue!

The Safex Development Community


Thank you… enjoy the rest of the year! Best update ever!


if the question was still interesting, the 1000 SFT to register an account can be changed with a hardfork; however, we will also make a service to register free accounts for people. Of course it will not be unlimited, but it will be consistently available via the foundation.


Great job everybody!

2021… here we come :muscle:

Happy new year!!


If SFT price increases as we hope, 1000SFT may become a barrier to entry which is not desirable? At the moment, however, I doubt that is the case

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Is there a guide on how to set up a marketplace account? Thanks

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Awesome, thanks


Windows CLI wallet not working? Tried downloading safexd, rpc and cli but windows
for wallet and rpc close each time

I’m a total noob when it comes to cli so every chance i’m doing something wrong

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Impossible to post a screenshot as the window closes itself when i input the wallet name i created. i created wallet, set password and then when i try to input same wallet name it closes the window

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Think i discovered problem - i tried again removing spaces in wallet name. seemed to work that time


Try to change your wallet directory to something like c:\safex .Make sure it is not hidden too deep in folders.

Hi Forex, this is the best i could find which can give an impression. I guess we learn more as TWM wallet will be released and do it our selves. Cheers,

Thank you @vacsetron

I have access to my wallet but did not save “Spendkey” and “Viewkey” during migration. Orbiter v2 Wallet does not accept my backup (.dat) from 0.008 wallet. How can I transfer my SFT to another wallet?

Question; do you receive a lot of private messages from here ?

if you did not back up your new keys seperately, you have to wait until the upcoming twm wallet supports the migration wallet .dat files. As far as I know, this will be made in the future but not in initial version of the wallet.

And this “CLI” wallet doesn’t support backup (.dat)?

And is it not possible to download the “Spendkey” and “Viewkey” keys from my wallet now after migration?

no, .dat files are only generated from GUI wallets (old migration wallet, orbiter, twm).

If I remember correctly, you can’t. You had to save them during the migration process (there was even a note to do so). So now, you need a twm wallet which is compatible with those .dat files.


You actually can export your unencrypted back up. from 0.0.8 migration wallet

Then find your new safex keys and import them into orbiter v2

We will cover how to do this after the wallets’ release.