Safex Dev Update: December 30, 2019

Considering the holiday horizon surrounding this timeframe, this update will be relatively short as compared to the usual development updates; though, our team are sneaking in updates throughout this time, here it is.

Igor spent part of his time preparing the build systems for the future of the safexcore code base. This move will increase development speed since build testing could take place on a remote server and automated after every commit; while also tracking compatibility cross platform.

The continuation with the new purchase flow is still on deck.

During the last week we’ve had a further iteration on the token transaction creation feature and it is now ready to be tested on the GUI.

Our task list remains:

  • New wallet creation key formation bug
  • Synchronization balance correctness
  • Transaction broadcast to safexd network (testing)
  • Sanitize Sails Wallet codebase of development artifacts

1 Click Miner
We’ve analyzed a new approach to integrating the 1 click miner into the GUI so we can bring it online sooner than later. That being said, today we started cross platform testing on the 1 click miner updated for running the RandomSFX. This means that in the next update or there after we will deliver the updated 1 click miner to get everyone online with mining since it is now competitive to mine with the CPU.

We wish everyone great holidays and to a fortuitous and fruitful new year, as we open the new decade with the new frontier for commerce with cryptocurrency. The World Marketplace is right in front of us.

We noticed a significant uptick in questions and requests on the testnet and other aspects of the Safex Blockchain. This is really great to welcome more people to join our open source community. We’re glad to support and foster free and open markets with you!

Please keep in touch and subscribe to the forum so you can be up to date since we value interacting as a group and a team to achieve the goal of The World Marketplace with Safex.

The Safex Development Community


Thank you for the update @dandabek, and best wishes to all a very Healthy and Happy New Year!

Am I correct in my understanding that the Sails wallet will incorporate the 1 Click Miner and will also be the GUI for #twm and the Safex Blockchain?

I completed the initial migration using the Orbiter Wallet. I did receive an airdrop of Safex Cash and my Safe Exchange Coin was converted to Safex Token. I’m under the assumption that this process locked in my Safex Tokens. But now I’m wondering if the actual locking only occurs with the release of the marketplace and moving all my tokens to the Sails Wallet?


The 1 click miner will not be a part of the wallet application since antiviruses tend to flag mining software, so it would be smarter to separate the two. Although the 1 click miner does include a wallet baked in.

The Token lock in for rev share is a manual process that will be exposed alongside the marketplace software. So it is not active yet and your safex tokens post migration are not yet locked in. The feature for lock in is not enabled currently on the mainnet.

However an implementation of token lockin is active on the test network.


I was overseas and could not migrate my coins to new wallet.
am i loosing them now for being overseas?
i dont know who to get them back to my control.

my old wallet doesn’t open now. still have private key with me safe printed.

The migration window was open from early November 2018 until end of November 2019… 390 days.

If you didn’t complete the migration process during that time, then you have missed the chance to migrate them.

I loose it?
is that what you are trying to say?

The old original coins you hold no longer of any value (essentially dead), so far as the project is concerned.